Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Piracy is bad. Bad Pirates.

Piracy is really bad and no one should be a freaking pirate. Zombie Pirates are even worse. Arr.


  1. Yo ho, yo ho... braaaaains?

    Also, hasn't FrostWire been around for, like, years now? Not that it matters; I find it hard to believe that anyone finds Gnutella useful anymore, what with four-letter agencies poisoning downloads and firing off cease-and-desist notices left and right.

    I don't support taking money out of people's pockets, but shit, at least do it elegantly.

  2. Personally, I think that that is freaking awesome. There is hope for the future, cuz the internet don't stay dead! When the Man tries to shut a p2p client down the pirate wizards resurrect its dead carcass, only BIGGER. STRONGER. FASTER!!! Seriously though, with the plans of certain tele-com companies to privative the net looming on the horizon this kind vigilante victory is an encouraging power statement that the war against ultra-censorship stands a snowball's chance in hell. Resurrecting a banned network... I love it.

  3. somewhere in the distance... I can hear Johnny Depp weeping


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