Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dragon Art

My son drew this: 

I'm beamish.


  1. The moment I saw that dragon, I had to say "Raaaar" out loud. It is definitely a very raaaaary dragon.

  2. Callooh! Callay! He definitely rocketh the quill. Talented lad!

    (seriously, that is some impressive penmanship, you should be very proud...)

  3. Both me and my wife (she teaches art) are curious about what grade that they are in. My wife says it is cute.

  4. Susanne, thanks, I thought he'd picked some inspiration up from the pictures I showed him of your work when he was a wee thing. Your dragon work was the first thing I thought of, and then the Secret of Kells. Have you seen it? Great little animated movie, one your daughter will enjoy fer sure.

  5. There is so much win in this picture.


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