Monday, November 22, 2010

Hermetic Checkup

Someone asked if there was a lighter version of the Hermetic Diagnosis available for those who didn't want to do the full diagnostic, something more affordable and at a higher level.

Sure, why not? The point is to help people.

Hermetic Checkup - A quick divination and consultation with the Powers That Be on your behalf. Can be a general status update or specifically about a single aspect of your life. $25.

I'll have to update the web page later, but for now if you're interested, just select Hermetic Diagnosis and when I get in touch with you, I'll ask if you want the full diagnosis or the checkup.

The link to the services is over on the right at the top of the blog page, or you can click this link to get to the order page.


  1. How about a "Hermetic-turn-your-head-and-cough" for a buck? ;-)

    Oh man! You won't believe my word verification is "occull".

  2. @Scrib: SNERK!

    Hermetic Hernias are someone else's problem. :D

  3. can't i just sign up for beta testing? ;)

  4. I am not sure that I even want to ask what a Hermetic Hernia is.

  5. Morgan, I don't know either, but I'll bet it happens more with people moving Agrippa's TBoP and Crowley's Book IV and Regardie's Big Black Brick at the same time.

  6. @Gecko: you WERE the Beta Test. :D


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