Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Halloween came and went, and I didn't conjure up my spirit pot of deadites as planned. I got tired and went to sleep instead. I was rawther disappointed with myself, but I am a loving and forgiving self, and have absolved myself of all remorse. Some day I'll get around to it, on a smaller scale though. The plan is to subject the nepheshim to a series of alchemical processes, using the spirit remains as the Prima Materia, and seeing what I end up with after walking them through a series of consecrations and purifications in each of the Spheres.

I figure there are two possible outcomes:

1. An awesome and powerful spirit assistant with a well-rounded set of skills, and the human empathy to be able to accomplish some tasks with a little more focus on what I want instead of what I say.

2. The dissolution and reabsorption of the spirit's essence into the Prima Materia, cause it's mortal and should have returned to the dust it was formed from.


Three! Three possible outcomes.

3. Something unanticipated entirely.

But for now, time is at a premium and I don't have much to spare. When I get some, I'm usually sleeping the sleep of the overworked and underpayed, and that's ok right now. So this project is back-burnered until further notice, though anyone interested in performing it themselves is welcome to, of course, and I'd love to correspond about the results as time permits. And I'm only telling you about it because a couple someones asked. Otherwise I'd merrily move along and forget I'd mentioned it until I got back to it.

Like those Shem angels I'd planned on Working through 4 years ago.