Friday, November 19, 2010

hmmmm... what to call it, what to call it...

Hermetic ... counseling... no, therapy, ah, no... rehab?

scratch all that...

hermes... toth... ape chaser? heh. no, tothic engineering, tothtastic thotherapy, thothic analysis, thothity thoth thoth... sheesh. forget thoth.

hermes, hermetic counseling, hermetic doctor, hermengineering, hermeticology? hermeticologists! LOL. "We're here to audit your spheres and bring clearness... To yo bank account!"

Ok, no. c'mon focus here. Hermetic shamanism? nah. Hermesthetics? Hermestheticians? probably the best one, but who'd be able to pronounce it? aesthetics are what magic is all about. remind me to write that art-magic post some time in response to VVF.

crap! how the fuck do you come up with something like this. ahhh, forget it. It's just hermetics anyway. hermetic practice. The implementation of hermetic doctrine, the result of hermetic magic, the Great Work on the field of play. What do you call that? What do you call someone who does that, and applies the related disciplines to the lives of others?

Oh yeah... a magician.