Monday, October 31, 2011

Daimon Trap Field Report

Hey all, Rose wrote up a field report on the results of the Daimon Trap thing I make for people's Evil Daimons. Basically, I make a talisman of the Evil Daimon in steel, binding it therewith the forces of Mars. Then I encase that in lead and bind it with Saturn. Then I put a Secret Seal of Solomon over the top of that. I've made a couple of these for people, and received private reports of their success in the lives of the recipients.

I didn't ask Rose to publicly make the field report, she volunteered, and I'm very grateful. I didn't know the back story at the time, I was just contacted about putting together the Daimon Trap, did a divination that indicated success, and went forward from there. It's neat to see how the work manifested in her life.