Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am the 0.044%

Hey Magician, how's it going?

You know how pissed everyone is that the wealthy elite control all teh monies?

How pissed would they be if they knew a handful of occultists around the world were the primary movers and shakers of this shared reality we experience?

How many magicians* actively participating in the creation of their experienced world do you think are at work today?

Based on book sales statistics for the last decade, about 1.1% of the population is interested in spirituality, self help, occult, and new age beliefs. Out of all the people interested in these topics that you know, how many of them are actually actively creating their world?

Purely as an estimate based on my personal observations in three states over the last twenty years, I'd say there are probably two competent practicing reality engineers for every fifty people who buy books about this stuff, of various paths and traditions. And that's a generous estimate, in my opinion, as most of those folks are still figuring out how to do it, and a lot of them will get distracted for years at a time. So that's 4% of the 1.1%.

That's 0.044% of the population that's actively participating in creating the world using occult means, spiritual assistance, eastern occult philosophies, or new age techniques of some kind.

And guess what most of them were focused on?

  • Sex: Fuckin' and relationships is the number one magical service requested, and most people's first attempts at spellcraft were related to someone they wanted to fuck.
  • Money: Wealth and prosperity is the number two magical service requested. Moving up through the ranks of society, getting an edge, making businesses profitable... In other words, doing everything in our power to become the 1% the OWS is railing against.

That's right. As the great philosopher once said, "Life ain't nothing but bitches and money."**

It's Elemental

The good news is that most of us, if we're serious about using magic to make money, eventually realize the role money has to take if we're going to be successful in conjuring it on demand. It becomes the servant, and not the goal. That's the key.

And we stop trying to get to be the 1%. At least, that's what's happened to me. I don't want to be at the top, I simply want to be free to pursue what I want to pursue when I want to pursue it. For years I figured that meant amassing great stockpiles of money, the interest on which I could support a decent lifestyle. In other words, becoming the 1%.

I didn't want billions, just $4.2 million. Not a lot, really, when you think about it.

But see, that was the means to the goal, not the goal. The actual goal is to get out of the game, to play my own game by my own rules, to rule myself.

OWS is about giving more people the opportunity to achieve that goal. The grip on the wealth held by the wealthy is tight, and they are strangling the 99%, making sure they can't get in on the deal, pushing them even further away from the end goal.

More on that later, it's miller time.

But before I head out, I should acknowledge that I may have been wrong about Soros funding the OWS. It wouldn't be the first time.

But we'll see where things go when Adbusters starts rolling out their demands. It's entirely possible their planned demands get washed under the masses they've organized though, at this point.

* Or sorcerers, root doctors, folk healers, shamans, masters, gurus, priests, goes, theurgists, or whatever you want to call them.

** to which Philosoraptor replies, "But didn't Biggie say mo money mo problems?"