Monday, October 17, 2011

The Occupation and the Tea Party Explained

For those who have not yet looked at what's going on politically in America from a spiritual perspective, from a firm foundation of history, here's a simple graphic explaining it all as clearly as I can:

They're both movements primarily started by the wealthy elite. Adbusters started the OWS, and they've got a long term agenda planned for it. It starts seemingly seemingly at random, but then it starts putting out a cohesive message. They've already talked about it here:
"Down the road, there will be crystal clear demands coming out of this movement," he said. "But this first phase of the movement is messy and leaderless and demandless."
Do not make the mistake of thinking that this OWS was spontaneous, or unplanned. Maybe Soros did or didn't have anything to do with funding OWS, but do not think for a moment he will not profit off the unrest. See Rule 162.