Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's not hate, it's wrath

Occupy Wall Street! Meet at Starbucks to Organize!


Wake the fuck up. We've got ten thousand years of history on Wikipedia. Pick a fucking civilization. Any of the ones that have fallen. Look at what happened. Pick another, and tell me what was different. And another. And another. And another.

Now look at your goddamned "culture." Look at what you're protesting FOR. You want the money the rich folks have so you can have that ipad. It's not fair that THEY get the ipads, or droids, is it? It's not fair that THEY get the best healthcare, secreted out in the middle of the night for clandestine liver transplants that you or I won't qualify for unless we're as rich and famous as Steve Jobs, is it? FUCK NO it isn't fair!

Nor has it ever been.

But what you really want is to get "back" to being able to have whatever you want whenever you want it. You never had that, but shit, it wasn't as hard as it is now, was it? People had jobs, and houses, and if you went to college, you were guaranteed a career, right? 

No, not everyone. Not everyone in America, for sure. And remember the rest of the world? Humans from all over the world, 85% of whom make less than $2000 a year. Your life today in America, unemployed, uninsured, moved back in with mommy and daddy, no car, no club money... it's still magnitudes greater than theirs ever was, or ever will be. Ever. 

You are a spoiled ass bitchy whiny selfish rotten brat. 

You mad bro? You should be. At yourself. 

Here's the TRVTH. Your life sucks because of who you are, and what you've done with it for the last few years. You've done the bare minimum, spent way to much, and you're going to have to suck it up for 50-75 years, if things get better. Might be another Dark Age, who knows? 

Life's harder than you thought? Yeah. Wah. Hard to get a job? Yeah. Wah. Had to live with three generations of a single family under one roof when you were making a fortune in comparison before in a home in the suburbs? Wah.

Hard times hit, and you're either rolling with the punches, using the cycle to your advantage, or getting ass fucked and crying about it. Or getting the fuck out. 

You idealists wanting to make the world more fair, look at history. It's never been fair. You "idealists" aren't even Idealists. You're materialists. You want to work as little as possible and have as much as possible. You don't want to have to grow a garden, can food, cook yourself, work together with other people in the community just to get by, that's hard. That's what POOR folk do! 

Welcome to Humanity, bitches. 


You go Occupy with latte in hand!

I'll be ruling my kingdom like a King. Responsibly. Wisely. Proactively. Profitably. Aware of my means and living in them. Aware of the environmental impact of so-called conveniences. Keeping my family safe.

If everyone "occupying" were to do the same, it wouldn't matter what the bankers were doing. Demanding change from leadership, demanding redistribution of wealth and health is ignoring every other example of that same exact thing for the last ten thousand years. Slaves begging for a new master. 

Look, it doesn't matter where you go or what you do when you get there, it matters who you are all the time. Years of indolence and decadence have led to this stage, and it's a profitable phase of societal breakdown for those with the heart, mind, and willingness to work to take advantage of what they've got to work with. All it takes is achieving your potential as a Human.