Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hermetic Magician, Keeping to Agrippa

Heh, Jason forever cracks me up. At Crucible, he had a tinge of jealousy because he and Andrieh were all over the place describing their paths, and I was able to sum it up by saying I kept to Agrippa.

But as I recently mentioned, I do chakra work too. And a lot of my spiritual understanding is heavily influenced by Crowley. And Taoism. And I did Eckankar and Soul Travel too. When he mentioned that I was all, Sugmad! Good times! And I've done GD stuff, and Modern Magic, and ADF druidry, and Celtic Wicca. I've been an Erisian Mystic, ever so much more advanced and understanding than those stupid Discordians. Chaos Magic? Well, yeah. Rootwork? Maybe sometimes, something similar. I use the oils made by root workers. I'm really fond of the charms of Pow Wow. I'm into charismatic Christian Kerygma magic, and I make use of various Catholic stuff in most of my rites these days.

My main goal is to accomplish the Rainbow Body of Dzogchen and become a Powerful Dead, like the Egyptians did.

But at Crucible, I was presenting an overview of using Hermetic Magic, based on Agrippa, to rule your world. So I kept it to that. It summed me up for the purposes of that particular space and time.

We're all more than a label can cover. I like "Magician" because it fits well enough, but I firmly believe all labels are lies, and no word can accurately and fully communicate the Idea it represents fully. Words are shit, but they're the best thing we have to communicate with.