Monday, August 06, 2012

Modern Goetic Grimoire, Available Again

Ok, so due to some recent experiences, I'm re-releasing the Modern Goetic Grimoire. It's a record of my personal practice in the Lemegetton's Goetia, my approach, my understanding, my experiences with the spirits, and the results.

Long time followers of my blog know that when I did some bad magic* with Bune for some quick cash, he burned my house down, and I got a little bitter. The first insurance check was almost the exact amount I told Bune I needed. the magic worked. I just REALLY didn't like how it worked. Because it threatened things I thought were important.

I've realized recently that a lot of what I thought mattered didn't, after all. Weird shit to go through, I tell you what. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

But in light of recent experience, I've come to realize that there wasn't really anything wrong with what happened. I just didn't like it. It was "evil," because it was "shit that sucked." But shit sucks anyway, magic or no. 

So if you buy it and use it, know that:

A) It worked great for me, really, really great, except I didn't like it.
B) You get what you ask for. That's not always a good thing.
C) It's not safe. The techniques I provide offer a buffer, but they don't keep you from being stupid.

I'm pasting the Buy Now buttons for Google and Paypal here below, but it can also be purchased on my eBooks page. The cost is US$12.95.



* Bad magic in that it was desperate, and poorly phrased on my part.