Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shifting Gears on Goetia

Ok, so after years and years (and years) of RO bashing Demon Magic, I'm shifting gears. It would be fairly typical for me to say, "I changed my mind, I was wrong" and dive right in, fuck the consequences, but that's not where I'm at.

See, the reason I stopped doing Demon magic is because it's dangerous. It works really well, but there's little room for error. For example, if I go to Raphael and ask him to bring me wealth in the amount of $4,000 by the end of the month, by any means necessary, as long as no one in my family got hurt, he immediately starts leading me in my mind through the means necessary to get what I need. He shows me what I have that is of value already, and demonstrates the means necessary to make the difference within the time constraints.

Bune simply said, "yes, I will do that," and a week or so later a faulty regulator caused a gas build up that flamed out and caught some stuff on fire that I'd left too close to the water heater. My first check from the insurance company was for almost exactly the amount I needed, a little more in fact.

While everyone got out alive and unharmed, and technically no one in my family was hurt, the stress was terrible. My ex about had a break down. My kids were fine, except for when their mom and I fought as a result of the stress. It was one of many times in the relationship we nearly got divorced, but I did magic to save the relationship, and we made it through that storm.

And I promised her I wouldn't do any more demon magic. It works, very well, and I really wanted to go deeper into it. I wanted to figure out if he could make a house fire, what else could he do? I mean that kind of manifestation is pretty damned awesome, if it can be contained and channeled properly. But I felt it was too risky. I didn't have room to fuck up, I had kids and a wife to protect and support.

A couple weeks ago, my ex and I separated. In May I started a new job, making  a ton of money, but working 16-hour days. I dropped a lot of the Kingdom Maintenance magic I had been doing, including the stuff that was keeping my relationship afloat. I might write a post about that some time, but not now.

As a result of these changes, I'm free to go back to the figuring out the demon magic I was practicing before.

However, I've learned a whole lot in the two years since doing that kind of magic, and I have a better understanding of how magic works in general. Effective magic is done in a balanced way, Working with the spirits of the celestial, terrestrial, and chthonic in a coordinated effort. I've been working with spirits of the dead and genii loci, and various elementals who aren't entirely demonic for the last couple of years, and I'm looking forward to including the demons in the mix again. I'm planning a series of rites to get back in the swing of things, conjuring the spirits to learn and get some minor assistance here and there, and then move onto more specific manifestation stuff.

But first I'm planning a full Hermetic Retreat.


  1. Wow, RO.

    I'm ... I'm not quite speechless, but I'm startled. Take care. Blessings and fortunate results from your Retreat.

  2. Look, guys, splitting up with my wife is a hell of a lot of shit to wade through, but it is by no means the end of my life or world. It was inevitable, I just thought it would be later in life. Please, let me make this as clear as possible:

    This is a good thing.

    But your sentiments are appreciated.

  3. Well, I don't know whether splitting up with your wife is a good or bad thing, Ser. You don't really talk much about your life on this blog. If you say it's the right thing, I'm prepared to believe you.

    That said, let us your students know what, if anything, we can do to be of assistance... If it be within the compass of my abilities and ethics, I'll do as I may.

  4. Damn,brother....hope you and the family make the transition with love and grace into your new setup.

  5. RO,

    Regarding what happened with your wife, to be honest, I never thought my eyes would see that in this lifetime, for real, and I don't know what to say; but if you say it's a good thing, I support your thoughts on that.

    Regarding magic with demons, I certainly believe you have the right experience to do it. Just do what is right for you.


  6. I've been through loss of a relationship through a divorce and . . .it changes your world, whether you want it or not. It's a whole magical trial and some days will be horrible and other days will be okay and almost normal.

    I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and I hope this transition is as peaceful as it can be. If you ever want to talk, please don't be afraid to reach out, I've been through it.

  7. hey Deb, this will my second divorce, I'm a pro at this part.

    We can laugh about it at Crucible.

  8. Good or bad I hope the whole process goes as painlessly as it can. Good luck on the retreat dude, and best of luck Brother. If you need a listening ear, I've got two.

  9. Appreciated everyone.

    But I'm handling this the way I handle everything. There is no level of shit the world can produce that I can't turn into something fucking awesome. I've learned the secret of shit. It makes the flowers grow.

  10. Hope you and your family transition smoothly and peacefully.

    While such transitions are always bumpy, I have no doubt that you will take away what is meant to be taken away from it.

    All the best on your retreat and your endeavors.

  11. Wishing the best for your family. Keep your stars in sight and make sure everyone is covered.

  12. Sorry to hear about the split R.O. Hope you are doing OK. Peace and grace bro. Good to hear about the release of the Goetic Grimoire again. Still have mine from years ago and like it very much.

  13. Second? Well, I went on third and (thanks!) going happy to a fourth ;)
    Hope light and peace Fr.

  14. I wish you the best, RO, but you know, these sentences say it all:

    "I've learned the secret of shit. It makes the flowers grow."

    This kind of thing is hard, but you nailed it right there. As with everyone else, you need anything, I'm a pro like you... and I'm always hanging around.

  15. You've pre-empted my words of: "it's not what you take in to a situation but what you take coming out that matters" with your comments on what makes flowers grow.

    I will include you and your family in my prayers for the best health, stability and happiness.

    Being in a healthy relationship has grounded me far better than any ritual or ceremony ever managed to do. I wish you well in your retreat and look forward to your next transformation.

  16. Damn. I'm sorry to hear that, Rufus. Having recently gone through a truly cataclysmic breakup, I'm glad that yours is going smoothly and isn't being traumatic.

    As it happens, I came here looking for where I could buy the MGG- I shall be purchasing that later on today.

    I shall raise a glass to your explaoits and continued mental health after this this evening.


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