Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to Business Part III

I've had really good rites this week. Like... really good. It turns out I wasn't nearly as rusty or out of shape as I thought I was. I thought it would be like going back to exercising after taking three months off, having to rebuild my stamina, my strength, and so forth. Turns out I just needed to start being a Magician again.

Working through the spheres has brought everything back into focus rather quickly. The familiar patterns, the old friends among the stars, witnessing again the crystalization of raw power into form... It wasn't long before I realized I had lost nothing. I had just sort of forgotten, and needed a reminder of Who and What I am.

When it all clicked, I found that the recent rites had actually resulted in further integration of the forces of the planets. I'm not only still where I was before taking a break, I'm able to reach higher, and go further. The Eighth Sphere stuff isn't nearly as far off as I'd thought.

Last Sunday I felt what I believe is Kundalini shoot up my spine and through my chakras and down my arms and out my fingertips during the Solar Rite. I hesitate to say it was the real thing, as I'm not exactly into yoga and the proper rites to raise it and channel it, but it was amazing. 

Throughout the week since, I've had incredible experiences in each planetary sphere, each accompanied by different flows of forces through all my chakras, but affecting them differently depending on the planet I was Working with at the time. 

I think it's important to note that I did not consciously do anything to trigger the rise of these forces. I've felt them before, but not this intensely. I haven't done serious Work on integrating the forces of the planets like this in a while, and I'm able to pay closer attention to what's going on in across the intellectual, mental, and physical layers of my sphere. The Hermetic Retreat, and ongoing conjurations and meditations and contemplations of the powers of the spheres are resulting in a transformation, a metamorphosis. The drastic change to my personal life has served as a catalyst, and I'm enjoying seeing the reactions in my own sphere. I'm looking forward to doing client work to see how this impacts the results in practical ways.

And just for the record, I haven't done any Work focused on the chakras since last year when this started happening after I'd started scratching at the 8th Sphere. I've kept them functional, and noted when they seemed to be open or tingly or in pain during certain rites, but I haven't just focused on developing, strengthening, and cleansing them specifically.

So these effects are not the result of chakra work, devotions designed to raise the kundalini, or meditation techniques that are designed to activate the kundalini power or whatever. It just happened, and I'm paying attention.

I need a better taxonomy. I'm using the terms chakra and Kundalini, but since I'm not in that tradition, I'm probably using them wrong. Fr. AIT suggested "Metals" instead of chakras, and "Internal Fires" instead of Kundalini.I like "Internal Fies" but I'm not sure about the Metals. I'll have to talk to him about it.


  1. Centers? Sepherioth? Or the translation, Vessels?

  2. Good to see you back on the horse bro.

  3. Nice to see you stretching out! Metals has worked splendidly for me, and there are many fires alight in the body; as you, of course, know well. I think fire works better than kundalini for our sort, as it connects directly with the traditions we practice.


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