Monday, August 13, 2012

The Dead

[Caveat: Please note that I am not an initiated member of a living tradition that works with the dead on a regular basis. I've experimented and found good results, and I base this post on those experiments and good results. There may be a ton of shit I don't know that will fuck you up if you try this, I'm a guy with a blog on the internet. If you're a member of a living tradition with more experience and insight into the dead than I've got, please feel free to correct me, I'm open to it.]

Ok, it's on my mind, and you're my reader, so suffer.

I just saw someone post something about a young guy dying. It was in a hoodoo-themed group, so maybe my brain can be forgiven, but the first thing I thought was,
Someone should capture that soul while its fresh.
[Edit: Please note that I am referring to the animal soul here, the Nephesh, the emotional-survival part of the human entity that continues to exist for about 6 weeks after the flesh dies. I personally believe that the immortal part of the soul, the part that was mingled in the chalices of the Stars by the Workman in Timaeus, goes on to the higher heavens and what you "capture" is only a part of the person, not their entire spiritual self.]

It's been happening for years now. Ever since I started making spirit traps. My first impulse was to post a spirit-capturing rite involving the Hermetic stuff and ancestor lore and demon trap and spirit pot stuff I've picked up in my studies and necromantic training.

Then my social instincts/indoctrination kicked in, and I was like, WTF, Brain!?

But if we really believe all the shit we do is based on what we say we think it's based on (yeah, I wrote that sentence), why the fuck are we so upset when people die? Oh, we'll miss 'em, boo-hoo. Guess the end of an immortal spark of god's most recent incarnation is all about us, eh? How it affects us and shit.


And shit, it's not like we can't talk to them whenever we want to. Or trap a bit of their remains in a spirit pot, and continue the relationship in a new form. We co-created the universe while they were in the flesh, why stop at the moment of death?

Death is to be celebrated, not mourned. I mean yeah, five stages of grief and all that human shit, but that's just like addiction withdrawals. Existence isn't all about you and your pain.

I demand a fucking feast and booze and weed and shrooms when I die. Whatever floats your boat. And I'll be there, laughing at your drunk stoned tripping asses, and the lucky ones will see me, and think to trap a bit of that to help 'em out with making their lives better. And I'll tell my son to sell my ashes on my website by the ounce. $1,500, or more depending on how shit works out.

And he'd better keep one himself.

[Edit: Note that what I'm talking about creating for yourself out of my ashes is like a super RO talisman, like a Relic of a Saint, and through it we'll be able to continue to interact, assuming my efforts to become a Power after death continue to the planned destination.]

[Further edit: I'm taking out the practical bits because I don't want to pass on bad advice that I haven't thoroughly tested myself.]