Friday, August 17, 2012

Path of the Rose

Sefriel, international occult man of mystery, is launching a course in some serious Angel Magic called the Path of the Rose

Sef is the inspiring force that started the Gentlemen for Jupiter, and a magician I've been happy to work with for the past year plus. I know he's well trained in Angel Magic, the real thing. He's got an inside track. He's also good with the technologies, so I know it will be uber-professional in addition to being a solid intro to some of the most powerful magical systems available.

And it's in Glastonbury. So I can't go. But you European magi should totally sign up. It's going to be very worth it.

He's also just put up a page for his occult business, Exodus Solutions. Sef's one of those exorcists who really loves his job. I'm not sure what other services he's going to be putting together, but I'm looking forward to seeing what comes up.