Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to Business... Part II

My next Order of Business is Business itself.

I cut way back on promoting my services since getting this new job. I simply didn't have time to do magic for people. 

But now that I'm filling in all my spare time with productive, profitable things, I'm going to pushing my Applied Hermetic Services again. Hermetic Diagnoses, Rites of Fortune, Prosperity, Hex Removal and never ever any love spells.

I will also be offering the Business Booster rites again. Expect a blog post with testimonials soon.

And of course, the Red Work series of courses. Those are always available.

This comes as a result of yesterday's awesome Mercury rites performed at dawn, and throughout the day. I had some good long talks, and an interesting time in trance visions.

I saw this chaos of dots of light, each representing a manifestation point of one aspect of my life. I was able to touch them and understand what they represented. I started moving them around, and connecting the dots in my vision, and realized I was reshaping the flow of my life. I had this rush of information, and saw how the patterns needed to be arranged in different areas and different aspects of my life.

I was also able to take a look at a lot of the emotional stress I've been under from an objective point of view, and understand what it is exactly that pisses me off about this whole situation, and why I feel so angry and out of control, and I honestly laughed at what I found. I'm angry because I wanted to be the one to leave.

It was so silly. I was like, wait, me, really? You have what you've wanted ... for years, and you're able to do what you've wanted to do now for years, and you're free way ahead of schedule, and the adjustments to the plan aren't that hard, and you get to do magic, and really you're quite happy with everything overall, but... you're shitting on everything because someone else made it happen?

And then I got this wave of relief, and gratitude. Not forgiveness, quite, but definitely gratitude. I think it was the nicest present my ex ever gave me.