Thursday, June 29, 2006

Using the Spirit Pot

I'm experimenting with different ways to use my spirit pot. From what I can find on the internet about spirit pots in hoodoo and the spirit cauldron in Palo, offerings to the spirit are made by placing the offering in the general vicinity of the pot. So far my offerings have consisted of lit candles.

The reason I chose Bune, as I said in an earlier post, was because one of his powers is to bring riches unto a man. (From the Crowley-Mathers edition of the Goetia.) I am a Taurus, and while I have learned to be content in all things, whether poor or rich, I still prefer riches and oppulence to being consistently overdrawn in my bank accounts.

One of the things I learned early in my magickal career is to always be very specific in what you want when doing magick, and even then, don't expect the outcome to be exactly what you intended. At best it will be exactly what you asked for.

With this in mind, I sat down one afternoon and figured out exactly how much money I would need to have the lifestyle I desire. I want a nice-sized house in a good area, to pay for the vehicles our family requires, and enough residual income to make around $100,000 a year. I also specifically want this money all at once, not just an opportunity to make the money over 16 years of labor. Knowing that I would be paying axes on a lump sum, I added that to the initial amount, and came up with a figure of $7,142,857.14.

Last night I created a talisman that included the exact dollar amount, my intent, and the names of God used in evoking Goetic entities, crowned with ADNI MLK, because the intent is to have this manifest in the realm of Assiah. I placed this talisman in the spirit pot and lit three candles around the pot, and anointed the pot itself with the Oil of Abramelin. Anointing things with oil and waters seem to be a big deal in hoodoo, and the Oil of Abramelin is a very potent thinner of the veils.

Rest assured, I will post the results. Any suggestions from more advanced users of the spirit pot are welcome. Comment below.


  1. Hi! I'm Kymber from the solomonic yahoo group, just posted on the bune Vessel picture. God I cant BELIEVE I didnt put together that this was yours. I've been reading this blog now for a few weeks. THE SECOND Arron posted that it wasnt his I knew it was yours. anyway. It is wonderful. This blog is wonderful. Please keep posting your results and everything in-between. Thanks for the link to Arrons article as well. I'm printing that off and will take it all in. GREAT blog and impressive vessel! BTW,What is the seal laying on top of?

  2. Raisins, Dates, woven rush grass, cedar, lignum aloes, a carved cedar arrow, and... uhm... I can't remember what else. I think that might be it.


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