Thursday, June 29, 2006

Calculating Goetic Correspondences from 777

Bokonon23 left a comment that he wanted to know more about calculating the correct correspondences for Goetic entities, so here's a little more detail on the subject.

I used 777, the correspondence chart developed by Aleister Crowley (from Alan Bennet's notes, probably) when he was still a member in good standing in the Golden Dawn. This correspondence chart was published in 1909, and reflects the Golden Dawn attributions to magickal subjects.

To use 777 effectively, you must understand how information is presented in a spreadsheet or table. "Columns" are the vertical data sets, and "Rows" are the horizontal data sets. The first column is the "key scale," the number that will provide the common reference point for all other columns of data in the table. There are 35 rows of data, and 183 columns of corresponding attributes, items, angels, god names, goetic entities, plants, perfumes, etc. This compendium of information is extremely useful to magicians of all types.

To find the correspondences of a particular Goetic entity, first find the entity in the columns of goetic spirits (Columns CLV-CLXV, or pages 27-28 [printed page numbers] / 36-37 [pdf page numbers]). Bune/Bime is found to correspond to Key Scale 25.

Knowing the spirit is associated with Key Scale 25, I then went through the other columns in the table to get an idea of what correspondences related to Bune. All the information in the row labeled 25 had some relation to Bune. Since I was making a physical pot, I paid special attention to the physical items associated with Key Scale 25, the plants, the incenses, and the magickal weapon. I also checked the color charts for selecting the appropriate colored candles to use as offerings for the spirit. Since I am primarily interested in physical results, I used the color charts associated with the material realm, Assiah, which is called the Empress Scale in the Golden Dawn.

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  1. Brilliant, thank you.
    I have never done evocation but am considering starting.
    I do have 777 but I just never saw the goetic spirits in there (duh). To be fair I've not used it much. I tend to use planetary correspondances (mainly from Agrippa)and qabalistic ones from my own understanding of the tree as well as some hoodoo/root work stuff so i am very interested in the spirit pot operations and may well attempt similar myself eventually.
    Again, many thanks!


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