Friday, August 04, 2006

Back to the Spirit Pot

I wasn't going to focus much on the Spirit Pot here anymore, but I'm finding out that the thing is incredibly useful and interesting. At the beginning of this moon-waxing phase, I lit a 7-day candle for the spirit pot, and the first interesting thing that happened was the candle only lasted three days. Bune really ate it up, in my humble opinion.

Another thing that happened that week was I got another job offer, this one for incredibly stupid amounts of money, a security clearance, and a means to acquire a certification that doubles my value in the market. I'll be making the same amount of money from one source working 40 hours a week that I would be making from the three different income streams I mentioned before. It keeps getting better and better. I'll be in a quasi-management position as well, where I'll be putting things into their appropriate places, which Bune revealed to me is the purpose of "causing his spirits to appear on sepulchres."

Yet another aspect of working with this spirit is that I've found my writing skills improving. I'm spending less time trying to think of the right word for an idea than I used to. The eloquence that Bune provides is very useful to magicians of the Judeo-Christian path because so much of our magickal activity involves selecting the right word or symbol to achieve the desired result.

Crowley once mentioned that the perfect symbols of the Magus are the pen, ink pot, paper, and a candle to light the writing area. One of his Magus card images in the Toth deck showed the Magician surrounded by the tools of a stenographer.

The point of this tangent is that the spirit you choose to work with continues to reveal new applications of its attributes as you work with it. Bune is much more than a cash source.


  1. Hey Red,
    Great posts on working with Bune. Any tips for enhancing your conversations with spirits. Yours seem to be pretty specific & detailed. Mine hardly get beyond Yes/No questions.

    Good luck!

  2. @Anonymous have you tried a ouija board?

    @FraterRO this is crazy, i just was reading the bune description and wondering the same exact thing about the "appearing on sepulchres" part, but im not sure i understand it any more from your description. care to elaborate?

  3. Dude, that job ended up costing me a fortune. Forget the Lemegeton's Goetia work already, it sucks.


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