Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Week-Long Walk

Ahh, the waxing moon. Maybe I'm just superstitious, I don't know, but I certainly do feel better in general. With Mercury going Direct in the same week, I feel pretty good about things in general.

This week, I plan to work with each of the archangels of the planets in their appropriate hour on their appropriate day. The goal is to achieve better balance and integration of the energies of the spheres. I've spent the last month or so obsessing with Jupiter and its denizens in the different worlds, and I got to a point where everything I saw was related to money. I'm pretty sure my pupils had become dollar signs.

Many thanks to the people who have pointed this annoying trait out to me. The point of my work is to head towards the Red Work after all. So to get myself back on track, I've embarked on this particular course of action. I began Friday with a discussion with my HGA, and then last night worked with Tzaphkiel to integrate the energies of Saturn into my sphere. Later today I'll be working with Michael to integrate the energies of the Sun.

This week, expect to see posts of the results of my Works.

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