Monday, February 26, 2007

Blog & Webpage Updates

Going forward, I'll only be making announcements about blog updates through a Google group I created for that purpose. The list of names was getting rather large, and I was getting pegged as spam by people who forgot they asked for updates. (They will suffer horribly for their sins.)

So, if you want to know when new posts are made and you don't want to just subscribe to the feed, join the Google Group:

Rufus Opus Updates | Google Groups

Note this isn't a discussion group. It's an announcements-only group. If you want to join a group to discuss the topics I go on about here, I've got a Google group for that too. :)

Rufus Opus: The Great Work | Google Groups

Google rocks, much better than Yahoo! I want to use it again, and again.

SNL references aside, I really do like the Google groups interface better than Yahoo. It's much more user-friendly.

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