Friday, October 03, 2008

Been Busy...

"You've been busy doing what, RO?"

Well, since you've asked...

I've been making a cool thing. The idea came up in a conversation about Goetic Circuits. Long ago, I blogged about how I think the spirits have a relation to electro-magnetic force, geo-magnetic force, and other stuff like that. Some places well known for being haunted have turned up abnormal geo-magnetic fields. The way the brain would have to interact with spirits is through electro-magnetic transference of thought. It all ties in together.

But that's a whole series of blog posts that I'll get around to someday. Point was, I think spirits have a connection to electro-magnetic forces, and looking at those seals of the Goetia, I'm reminded of circuit drawings. Now I don't know enough about electronics to know what the original circuit might have done. Maybe all the seals are parts of a giant computer, with Gold connectors, Copper wire, and so forth and so on. If they were plans for a computer, the details in the manuscripts we've received are trashed. It would take a smarter guy than me to figure that shit out.

However I can certainly wire a copper seal in line with a flashlight or a motor. That's nothing. Uncle Chuckie, as Inominandum posted, has this psionic seal of Solomon ray gun of death he makes. There's a video on YouTube. I think it's kinda lame. He has you put a paper seal in the battery compartment. And he has you hold the batteries and charge them up by thinking mean thoughts at them. :yawn:

No solder, no switches, no fun. Fuck that with an ugly stick, as my grandmother used to say.

So the other day, I got the wheels racing in my wee brain, and came up with a design. I wanted to run positive current through a seal and then on to actually do something. Light up a nightlight a friend and I thought would be neat. I got all the stuff to do this simple little circuit with, and then I figured I'd need to experiment first before plugging 110 volts through a seal in my basement.

So I thought I'd start small, grabbed a nose-hair-trimmer that we've never used, and took it apart. All I wanted was the battery holder, but what I found inside was even better. A little electric motor and an LED light. I gutted the thing, wired it up, installed it in a cigar box with a couple of posts to put the metal seal across, and voila:

That's a Table of practice in the middle. You can't see it too clearly, but the LED is smack dab in the center of the triangle. There's a switch on the front that lets you turn on the motor. The picture here was taken moments ago, and the shellac is still drying. And it's going to get more coats. The Table of Practice is based on Trithemius', altered a bit for my tastes.
Here's what it looked like before the stain. In these pictures, you can see some of the aspects better.

Here it is with a crystal ball on it. The Crystal ball is resting on a gold ring. I hadn't burned in the Table of practice yet in this photo. The electrodes sticking up on the left of the ball are hand made. I melted down some copper wire, just enough to form a ball on the tip, and then drilled holes in the box the diameter of the wire and slipped them in.

I've got a positive wire going to the electrode on the left, and the electrode on the right goes to the light. For the electricity to get to the light, some kind of metal must connect the electrodes. Last night I used my solid tin Jupiter Talisman. The light lit, and the crystal ball glowed, radiating light into my room as I slept. When I first turned it on, I started to feel like the air got more dense in the room. I conjured my HGA and asked him to open up and clear out the clogged parts of my astral body that were beginning to ache, and the feeling went away.

So what to do with the little electric motor thing? Jason Miller, a.k.a. Inominandum, suggested a "Tibetan Prayer Wheel" to spin the request out into the universe. Works for me!

There's a handy little switch on the front so I can either have the light on by itself, or the light and the motor running. I can't just run the motor, because the little thing that would make that possible is really tiny, and my hands were shaking. I couldn't solder the wires without slopping solder all over a bunch of other connections and ruining the circuitry. Plus I'd broken the three-way-switch that would have made it work without me needing to solder shit.

So how am I going to use it?

Well, there's scrying. That's easy. Throw a tin Seal of Jupiter on the 'trodes, and conjure Tzdqiel. Scry away. Should work for everyone else too, Copper, Iron, Lead, Mercury (blended copper-tin-lead-etc.), Gold, and Silver. I can put different kinds of crystals over it too. Spheres seem to radiate outwards. I had a crystal point over the light earlier, with a Bune seal across the 'trodes and my original seal that I made a couple years ago with my request for $7,142,867.14. It feels good with Bune on there. It's like a feeling of happiness fills the room.

I'm also going to use it during meditation along with this timer Jason posted. Judging by the feelings I've gotten while it's running with different seals on it, I'm thinking it will work as a good diagnostic machine too. If someone's got a Jupiter blockage in their sphere, like I did last night, they'll feel it when the Juptier talisman is on. Likewise the other planets.

Assuming the spirits feed on electromagnetic energy, this is a good way to reward them as well.

And I can change the battery pretty quick and easy too. The box is an upside-down cigar box with a lid that slides out.

Now that I've got the basics down with a low-voltage test rig, I'm moving on to the full-powered 110v job that plugs in without shutting down the neighborhood. This one will be incandescent, and likely no motor. The only electric motors I have that run on that much juice are from an old vacuum cleaner and an electric weed eater. Both are rather heavy, rather big, and rather loud. Heck, even the little nose-hair-trimmer engine is loud enough. (If you ever had those little monster trucks that you put a double A battery in and switched on, and they just went straight-ish when you were a kid, it's the same little motor inside.)

And it's totally NOT UL LISTED. It could blow up or start a fire. I'm no electrician, I'm just playing at home with a soldering iron and some solder.


  1. Oh I like that! Looks very cool with the seal and crystal ball lit up on it. I could see that would be great to work with for scrying. Think you might be on to something there Josh. Don't let it go until you have done some really focused scrying work with it and let me know how it goes. I'm impressed!

    Love Kathy

  2. Thanks, Kathy. Who knew when you got me reading the actual grimoires that magic is based on that I'd end up doing this? I've got that Jupiter seal (the one I posted a pic of on Ritual Magic or Solomonic years ago) running the light now. The crystal ball's on top, and it's radiating this peace, this heavy, thick peace into the room. It's really cool, like Tzadqiel's presence, but different. Like a lower wattage of Tzadqiel.

    Jason Miller (Inominandum) said something about putting colored cellophane over the light for different workings. I'm thinking it's gonna be a fun ride.

  3. If you sell that bad boy I will demand my usual cut of the overflowing profits :) One slurpie please :)

    Nicely done my friend, nicely done!

  4. Awesome! I'd actually suggest looking into socketed colored leds instead of putting celophane over the bulb... even though LEDs are low temp, it may get warm enough to melt celophane. You could also put an led socket in to hold the bulb and us alligator clips for the connections to let you easily switch LED colors.

    As a general tip these guys can be pretty cool for finding random cheap electronics parts:

    Also, I would highly recommend not doing a seal sitting on electrodes for 110V AC. Danger will robinson! It may be fine, but it could also melt the seal in question or jump and shock the hell out of you. That said you can do all kinds of cool stuff at low voltages using LED lights and batteries. This also greatly reduces the odds of setting something on fire or giving yourself a nasty shock.

    Hmmm and you've given me a great idea of what to do for my Polaris talisman later this month! Not directly related per say, but in the ballpark. Thanks RO!

  5. Don't worry, MoonBuggy Kathy, you'll get your cut. Here you can have it now... THANKS!

    Don't spend it all in one place. ;)

    Quaero - Thanks for the tips. Would a rheostat help on the line? Something to keep it at a sane voltage, but still be able to light the nightlight?

    Moonbuggy Kathy, you got any words o' wisdom on that?

    And Quaero, you'd better post something about the Polaris talisman. I'm all curious now. Well, more curious. I don't know squat about Polaris and what it's supposed to do. Wealth or sex, I'm guessing, since it's traditional and magical. Seems like those are the things on people's minds across the ages.

    And getting rid of rats.

  6. Hehe well here's the Polaris blurb from Heremes on the 15 Fixed Stars:

    "...strong against incantations and against assassins and gives security from them, and if with this is placed the tooth of a wolf it protects also from robbers and thieves."

    So basically it's a home protection talisman. I'll post the actual election and whatnot as well as my idea on my blog soon :D

  7. Oh and a rheostat might help, but in general I just avoid screwing with wall current if I can avoid it. Another option would be to look for a micro atx computer power supply, as they have tons of 5v and 12v output lines you can use to feed stuff without having to actually deal with the 120v (as long as you don't crack open the power supply). I've got one here I think I grabbed for about $35.

    You can use them to power all kinds of lighted doodads thanks to the case modding scene. LED wire, cold cathode lamps, led arrays, and computer fans to spin stuff. And they all plug into socketed leads, so you don't have to get into soldering unless you want to.

  8. Hey Josh, when the laquer drys can you put it in a very dark room with the Jupiter talisman connecting it and the crystal ball with only the light under the crystal on and then take a photo and post it for me please. Does't matter if the photo is not too clear. I want to see it.

    Love Kathy

  9. Kathy M. - I got a web page with two more pics, one in complete dark, one at the same angle with a little more light.

    The Box Web Page

  10. Very Cool! A small blue candle at each side and can you get any lower wattage or softer light for the light underneath? How is it to gaze into?

    Love Kathy

  11. You know, I had this same thought about electrical circuits earlier this month when I was looking at the seals of the Olympic spirits. Another possibility that came to mind was that they might be linked to star maps of some sort. And while you're on the circuit paradigm, you might be able to integrate Leary's "circuits" of consciousness into the thing too if you want. Cool beans - keep up the good work :)

  12. Twinkle twinkle electric star..

  13. Whoa, whoa, whoa, there...
    It's not the voltage that'll kill you, it's the current. If you don't want to screw around with wall current, you don't want to mess with a computer power supply, either. Those things might just put out a few volts, but they can spit out tens of amps at those voltages. Not a happy time, if those amps are flowing through you.
    If you're going to plug anything into the wall, use a resistor or something to limit the current that can go through your circuit. Also be aware that a rheostat's a bad idea. Those things get damn hot.You know how those things knock down voltage? By running the current through a variable resistor. That's what a rheostat is. When you're using it to lower voltage, you literally burning away what you don't want by turning it into heat. If you're on household AC current, and trying to get down to a few volts, you're making a lot of heat. Don't do it.Firsr reduce your voltage with a transformer, then you can use a bridge rectifier to make DC out of it. add a capacitor to even out the waveform you get from this, and stick a resistor on the end of it all to limit current (you'll be working with lower voltages, so you're not using it to make voltage changes. Less current involved = less heat.
    I'd also stick with using LED's frankly. in a device like yours, heat is going to be your #1 enemy, and hot things don't combine well with small spaces. Keep away from incandescents (they make light by making a teeny bit of wire really, really hot), and stick with LED's. use batteries or make a power supply like the one I described.

    You shouldn't use magic to burn your house down. If nothing else, it gives us all a bad name...

  14. Good call, Frater.

    I've since found a number of leftover plugs for various toys, gadgets, and gizmos that plug into the wall and output between 4.5V and 9V DC. These things were meant to power toys that run on batteries, so I'm thinking they're pretty safe. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I wouldn't want to give us a bad name.


  15. an also find constant voltage power supplies, many ~12VDC. Much safer that having to look under the workbench for your testicles when you get back from the hospital.

    If you are serious about building circuits for this kind of thing pick up this book (used if you can)

    It's pulled my butt out of the fire a few times when trying to remember some of the more obscure stuff. (I am sure there are good online resources as well..)


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