Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wow, a recession... no s*** Sherlock

In a couple of places, I've seen people complaining a lot about the economy. Magicians even, who should know better.

Gee, we've got bad financial times while Jupiter's in Capricorn? Wow! Absolutely shocking.

Gee, it's affecting homes while Saturn's in Virgo? Holy cow! That's amazing!!

Come on, people, get your heads out of your anal cavities. We're magicians. The state of the world is not frightening to those in the know, it's expected. We navigate behind the scenes. You can turn this generally bad time around for your benefit with a little planning and magic.

I suggest talking to Tzaphqiel, or some other manifestation of the Intelligence of Saturn, since that's where this is all coming from (Capricorn holding Jupiter hostage is ruled by Saturn, Saturn's in Virgo Maleficently influencing things). Throw in Tzadqiel of Jupiter, and Michael of the Sun (he cushions the Saturn landing). Talk to Hanael and Hamaliel, Archangels of Capricorn and Virgo respectively as well.

"They aren't going to move where the planets are, what difference would it make?"

The planets are still where they are, yes, but the planets are indicators of general influences at large. Like the label on the back of a plug you plug into the wall that tells you, "120VAC in, 9VDC out." They tell you what the natural state of things are, but they don't tell you how that will manifest in detail within your own life, within your own Sphere of Influence. You can run a clock radio off the plug, if it's 9VDC, or you can run a flashlight, or whatever ... as long as it's got the right receptacle and runs on 9VDC.

How the astrological influences manifest depends on a few million variables that are different for most people.Even people born in the same place at the same time will be raised by different parents, influenced by different teachers, or move to different parts of the world where their spheres of influence are shaped and molded uniquely. Twins are different, and it's hard to get much closer than twins.

Magicians get to do a lot more consciously than mundane folks with no interest in the occult. We get to say, ok, that's a 9VDC output there, so I can run it through an oscillator to step it down to 4VDC to get it to light this here LED without burning it out. We get to do a lot that way.

I don't care if you're a magician like Jason Miller with his roots and prajna, or St. Faust with his sigils and whatever, or even Fr. POS with his GD initiate ways and means. Heck, you can even be a Wastewater Consultant wth an epicurean garden and multiple OTO initations like the author of My Gal. It doesn't matter, you've got techniques at your disposal to rewire the output and put it to use the way you want.

Hop to it. No one's going to sit around and do it for you.

However, if you're new at all this, here's a talisman for you to print off and color. Silver-grey (the color of Lead, Dark Blues, and Dark Greens would be appropriate, per the Golden Dawn color scheme (colors are from the Assiah Scale becauise this is supposed to affecrt the manifest world).

Write out how you want things to go for you in your life in the form of a prayer or petition on the back where Money and Home Life are concerned, and consecrate it by running it through incense, praying over it, anointing it with oils or holy water, and repeating the prayer you write on the back for seven days.

Feel free to post your results in the comments area below (expect results to begin manifesting within 2 weeks, but sometimes earlier, rarely later).


  1. I am trying that, as I need a job asap

  2. Hey, I'm really not a spambot, I'm really a real person. My comments aren't showing up in your blog. Anyway, I was wondering why you have the sign for Cap next to Hamaliel & vice versa... Also I did try this talisman, and I'm still letting it "simmer" -- wanted to wait another week before I say what results came of it.

  3. This is the first comment that's come through from you.

    Probably SATAN!!! trying to interfere and keep you poor.

    The placement of Hamaliel and Hanael is a result of poor scholarship, slapdash hurry, and a total lack of quality control at this whole Rufus Opus place. They should be reversed. The astro signs are in the right places, the angels belong switched. My bad.

    Good catch though!


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