Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why do we vote on Tuesdays?

Because it's War!

Voting is a Martial act. A revolutionary act. Every Vote we make as an American (or other) citizen is a declaration of War on tyranny. Regardless of the candidate elected, democracy wins against authoritarian regimes, monarchies, despotism, fascism, communism, oligarchies, and dictatorships.

You can see it at the voting booths. Doubt about the outcome, desire to be on the winning team, consternation about the lack of decent choices, hope that whatever happens, they'll be alright...

It's not the same as facing bullets, but the war rages on.

Now, what about other countries? What day do they vote on, and what does that tell us about how they perceive voting? Is it just America that has a Martial attitude about everything governmental? Are there any countries that vote on Fridays?


  1. testing... :) ok, so why did I not even see this page a few hours ago? all I got was an error message.

  2. No, its not war, nor a martial act. Desire to be on the winning team? Don't you have that backwards? You vote for whom you think will be right, not who will win. And, if you don't like the choices, then run for office yourself.
    And yes, I am still getting the word verifications...

  3. Ideally, yes, I would have that backwards. Unfortunately, people do still vote based on who they think will win, not on their values, issues, or beliefs.

    I'm not saying that to invalidate anything Obama has accomplished. I'm proud that America has taken another step towards being color blind.

    I'm thinking of a specific person who said he was voting for Clinton in 1996 because he wanted to be on the winning side. I posted that before the results were even being tallied; the polls have been within the margin of error, and the election could have gone either way, in theory. I honestly expected Diebold to make sure McCain won. I was an Al Gore fan in 2000, and I still think it's not a coincidence that Jeb Bush was Governor of the state that decided the presidency for his brother.

    Regarding the Martial thing, I don't think it's a coincidence that America's voting date falls on a Mars Day. I don't think it's intentional; I don't think it's accidental either.

    The Mundane Sphere always reflects spiritual truths. America votes on a Mars Day. The occult interpretation is interesting, and I'd like to know what days other countries vote on, to see if it reflects their transition to democracy the way our country's voting day does.

  4. we vote on Tuesdays because it used to take some people a full day of travel to reach the polls. They would go to church on Sunday, travel on Monday, Vote on Tuesday than head home.

    We note in early November because it is just after the final harvest, but before it gets too cold to travel.

  5. Lavanah informed me of that offline before I got my comments working again, and pointed out that I should have learned that in American history. If I ever did, it's been long forgotten. I blame Texas.

    Now, that's the mundane reason we vote on Tuesdays. Do you think there is no connection to Tuesday being the day of Mars? Am I totally off base in looking at the magical aspects and occult drivers behind material manifestations here?

    I was seriously hoping to learn if nations that vote on Wednesdays had a more Mercurial transition to democracy than us, or if nations that voted on Thursdays had a Jovial transition to democracy. I think it's at least worth noting that the nation that fought a battle for its liberty now votes on a Martial day.

    What spurred this thought was that I saw a video where Obama was talking about how the American National Anthem is too violent, and that's why he didn't place his hand on his heart when it was played. I thought it was an interesting observation, and when I saw we voted on Tuesdays every year, I put Trithemius' Tiw and two together.

  6. Or it could be that Tuesday, rather than being Martial, in this situation is actually related to Tyr, or Tiw. Pre-Migration era, he was more important than Odin or Thor (at least in some places), was Father of the Gods, and was in charge of Oath Keeping, Justice (not Judgement) and Sacrifice for the Common Good.

    As for the specific person who said he was voting for Clinton because he wanted to be on the winning side-that was a statistical example of one?

  7. Mars is also associated with Justice in the KBL, with its placement in Geburah. War and Justice seem to be linked. Maybe it's humanity's way of "justifying" the atrocities of war, or maybe it's a recognition that the outcome of warfare is ultimately decided not by flesh, blood, and weaponry, but by a divine force that transcends the material. A tactical nuke would trump 300 Spartans in a second, but if God was for the Spartans, that nuke would somehow be diverted or eliminated as a threat.

    I do not believe that one person stating they wanted to be on the "winning side" represents only one person's belief. Perhaps in others that impulse would never get spoken, because its influence is lower on their priorities when they vote. But if one person is willing to say it, how many can be expected to think it and keep silent? Shall we just presume none? It's certainly easier and more efficient, but accurate?

    How many constituents does one letter represent to a member of congress? Only one?

  8. I myself would look at the Mars day / election day in terms of effect rather than cause.

    I don't think that the planetary day had any bearing on the decision to make election day on a Tuesday. It may however have an effect upon the government.

    Thats a big may though. Personally I think that the effect of planetary days and hours has very little influence on those not working magick.

    This is not to say that the effect is only in the mind. Its in the current. If you stand in the current than it effects you whether you are aware of it or not. I don't find it to have much weight outside of standing in that current.

    Make sense?

  9. Jason:

    Yes, it makes sense.

    My take is that the current permeates everything, that we live in primarily a spiritual world. I think the temporary material masks worn by the spiritual realm distract us from being aware of the current. I see magic(k) as being a method of seeing through the masks to the currents hidden beneath.

  10. Oh I completely agree with you about the material masking a primarily spiritual world.

    I just disagree that any one set of correspondences has any validity in a universal way. Tuesday is Mars day because we decided to make it such, or particulra groups of angels spirits and men conspired to make it such. Not because It always was that way, and is that way inherently.

    Same thing with directions and colors and such. They have an objective force within the specific spiritual current that you are working, but are not universal.

    There are other cultures that divide up time differently, and have different correspondances. When I lived in Nepal I basically lived according to the Tibetan calander, and the spiritual correspondances of that calendar most definately held sway. I would not however project that over the whole world.

    There is a difference between the underlying spiritual reality and the specifics that use to explain and interpret that reality. If we take the map too literally we loose sense of the terrain.

  11. You're probably right. I still have that irritating GD habit of trying to make everythign conform to my perspective. Maybe now that Obama is leading the shift in the American Egregore, I won't feel compelled to force everything into my point of view.

    And if I don't change, and IF I ever get published, people won't have to worry about reading the same stuff in our books. :-D


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