Friday, December 26, 2008

Enochian: EHNB

Last week sometime, I began my Enochian Experiment. I conjured up EHNB.

For those who aren't in the know, the name of the Enochian Angel EHNB is derived from the "Tablet of Union." I'm pretty sure the Tablet of Union is primarily from the Golden Dawn, from what I've seen on traditionalist Enochian sites. Dee had drawn the Table of Union in the margins of his diary, but had not apparently received it as a specific separate Table to be made as part of your tools. There's not even any indication that the Great Table was to be literally created. Regardless, the Table of Union, as it has come to be known, is still useful. This is a table that has five columns and four rows. The four names of from the central cross of the Great Table are arranged thusly:


The elemental attributes are derived from context clues in the writings. According to DuQuette, EHNB is the Archangel of the the other four Archangels. Within the E of EHNB, Exarp dwells, and within the H of EHNB, HCOMA dwells, and so forth.

When I conjured EHNB, I didn't have much happen. I didn't feel a great presence fill the room. For one thing, you have to read the First and Second Calls in Enochian, and for flip's sake, I might as well have been reading Russian. I had no idea what I was saying, or how to say it right. It was unpleasant. Most of the time when I say my prayers before a ritual, I say them in straght-talk. I don't do too many thees and thous, except when I'm lighting the candle that represents the light of the First Father that contracted to form the void into which the Word went to work creating....

Anyway, point is, I usually keep it simple and straightforward. I was listening tonight to a talk given by a friend on Angel Magic. I'd post a link, but I don't know if it's ready for public consumption. (update: click the link to the left/above.) He talks about how Trithemian magic, which he attributes Enochian magic to as well, is so much easier than Solomonic magic. I started with the Trithemian system, and then applied the lessons learned there to the Solomonic traditions, and had a lot of success. If Michael shows up on a Sunday dawn with "Lord, send Michael to commune with me in this crystal," then the demons had damned well better hop to at a few words as well. And they do.

So Enochian is definitely different. The First and Second Calls were terrible. I almost laughed at how badly I was pronouncing the words, it was so bad. When EHNB didn't show up in any discernable way, I wasn't much surprised. But I listened anyway.

There was a darkness, a void, sort of, but it wasn't empty. I sensed it above the middle of the SDA. I didn't know if it was there because the angels that are inscribed on the SDA were empowering it, or if EHNB was there. I figured I'd trust my magic, and with a quick word to my HGA asking for the presence of EHNB, I went ahead with the conversation.

Duquette recommends asking the spirit what it's scent is, what it's color is, what its role is, and so on and so forth. I hadn't paid enough attention to it before preparing to remember all the questions, so I went ahead with my standard Angel thing. "EHNB, reveal to me what Enochian magic will do to draw me closer to God, how I will find a practical application for it as a magician, a child of God made in his image, and reveal the role Enochian magic will have for me." It's a lot like what I ask for when working with the archangels of the planets, "Attune my sphere and tell me what I need to know."

I heard a voice, or many voices speaking in unison, but extremely quietly. The conversation was nothing great or prolonged. It was free of the haughty tones the archangels have with a lot of magicians. There were no scriptural-sounding proclamations or anything. Just a quiet, still small voice having a straightforward conversation. I can't remember any details, per se; in fact, I'd forgotten the conversation entirely until Fr. POS reminded me of it yesterday.

Because I'm so far behind Fr. POS and Sr. Gimel, I conjured all four of the other spirits that make up EHNB at the same time. I didn't get much out of each individual, nothing more really than I got from EHNB. I figured Enochian wasn't that big of a deal after all, and closed out the rite, asking the angels to reveal to me in dreams the roles theyplayed in more detail.

Ever since, I've had really incredibly vivid dreams about how everything is united and how time is kept for each thing you do. It's been really detailed and lucid in the dreams, but the "lessons" weren't new. I felt sort of ripped off. I went to all that trouble, and all I got was a Vision of Yesod, the mechanical nature of the universe.

Then it all culminated while I was lying down on the couch with my two sick kids last week. I figured I should do something magical for them, because I want them healed, I'm a magician, and I would totally trash any magician who didn't try to help their kids when they were sick, you know?

I started with a simple chakra visualization I've used for years. Green heart-chakra "energy" expanding from my chest and encircling the kids as they laid beside me watching TV. Your basic stuff.

Then WHABAM! Everything made sense. I had a flash of EHNB, Exarp, Hcoma, Nanta, and Bitom encircling me, fillign me, being at one with my will and the will of God and how they were busily doing their jobs maintaining everything (EVERY THING), and yet at the same time waiting for me. I saw everything was made of cubes. It was like pixelation. Each cube was elemental in nature. They all worked together in harmony to make up experiential reality. And then I saw I had a way to move the blocks around.

I "saw" my kids' hearts, their bloodstreams, their mucous systems, the fluids and blood cells fighting the disease, and I saw the diseases as well, little black cubes in the pixelated world. The immune systems of the kids were working on cleaning out the kids' bodies. I started helping out the immune systems, getting everything that was already doing its work tuned up and working in better harmony, because it was tired. then I got this nudge, or inspiration, and just started pointing at the cubes of disease and removing them. "Be not."

The next day, the kids were noticeably better. My daughter had an ear infection one day, and it was at its worst, and then the next day it was just gone. My son is still draining some mucous, but his sore throat's gone. Neither have any trace of a fever.

So not only is Enochian magic a sweet system, it's actually useful. My doubts that it would be all vision magic(k) and nothing practical are allayed.


  1. I was just thinking about healing magick because I have an injury that's about five months old from a fall, and it just won't go away. It hinders my yoga practice, so I'm investigating healing methods and did some work with a Brennan healer that was very helpful. But it's still bothering me, however less so. I wonder about long term bone injuries as opposed to germs.


  2. Hi Persephone!

    I think it would be the same thing. From my initial experience and based on what I "saw," you would need to conjure EHNB and the four angels that make up the Name. Then ask for an understanding of how everything fits together from specifically an Enochian perspective, and see what you get over the next couple of weeks. Your work with Yoga probably has your prana-system all put together and working pretty well, so I'd think your "vision" of the elemental makeup of your body would show you what the "right" setup is when you look at the uninjured parts, and then what's "wrong" with the injured parts, and let you see how to rebuild the parts that are broken.

    I didn't think the technique was limited to the germs.

    On a side note, I'd keep your Work secret, safe, "Hermetically sealed." This morning, after publishing the results from last night, my daughter was complaining about her ear hurting again. I don't get that at all, it shouldn't work that way, imo. I'm going to look into it tonight.

    I "checked" her again using the same technique I used before, and didn't "see" anything wrong with her. There were no parts of her ear systems (internal from the astral vision) that looked inflamed at all. There were no black cubes, and I didn't "feel" any hot spots in my hand as I passed it over her ears. She wwasn't fevered, and by the time I'd gotten to her, she had forgotten which ear was hurting her.

    Regardless, my wife took her to the doctor's today. One of the lessons we learned in the fundy days was that God heals miraculously, and that includes providing grace through modern medicine by inspiring scientists to give us good medicines. :-)

  3. Hi RO -

    Thanks, this is very helpful info for my Trimethian work. As a reward here are some Youtubes of Frater WIT's audio\videos of the first 5 or 6 calls. His e-book was pretty interesting too.

    If the link is blooy they pop up with a search for 'fraterwit'. There are probably others under Enochian Calls. They do sound 'different.' I remember Lon doing the 30th on Coast one night. Probably have it saved somewhere.


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