Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How cool is magic?

Magic is this cool.


  1. Is the English language degenerating or what.. what is this "tricker" stuff and whatever happened to the obvious word "acrobat". Anyhoo I meet you that video and raise you this one - parkour on a bike by hot Scots in Edinburgh:

  2. You know, a lot of what seems cool about this video comes from the soundtrack. Try watching with the sound turned off and it loses a good deal of its mojo.

    As Giordano Bruno says,

    "There are three gates through which the hunter of souls [animarum venator] ventures to bind: vision, hearing and mind or imagination. If it happens that someone passes through all three of these gates, he binds most powerfully and ties down most tightly."

    "A General Account of Bonding" from Cause, Principle and Unity, ed. Blackwell & Lucca (Cambridge, 1997) page 155.

    Christopher Warnock

  3. thought this might interest you, as its 'Brothers' free running, and also its one of my favorite vids.

    also the sound on my computer is broken, and at first I found everything lost its lustre but then you sort of adapt, and if it has 'something' you see it, sound or no, and you can find things just as enthralling with your own 'internal music/silence'


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