Monday, November 02, 2009

Goetic Blessings

I recently saw a comment on one of the message boards mentioning that someone added themselves to my "followers" list on the right over there, and that they soon received an unexpected windfall. I'm assuming I also managed to get my 10%.

It's got me wondering about online magic in general. I'm by no means a "cyber magician" or anything like that, but, apparently, blessings online can be passed along with triggers using Goetic Magic, at least. Innn-terrresting.


  1. Yep, first there was a sudden spate of luxurious outings, and then an income increase. Could be a coincidence, but Bune has helped me out on other occasions so I see him as quite capable.

  2. Neat! *taps screen in hope of windfall*

  3. {Does this chaote hat make me look fat? Oh, well, whatevah...}

    Okay, spirit-energy model time: distance isn't a factor. The person will have a field of energy (aura, subtle body, pick-a-jargon) that is influenced by contact with the spirit to effect change in accordance to will. Energy doesn't end - it's just of a lower intensity (cf. heat & light - there is no cold or dark, just very low heat or light). Thus, the system is still present and still affected - just in varying degrees.

    Restating in a psychological model: Bune as summoned is a re-tasked and reframed resource state entity - humans have eloquence and all of the capacities "granted" by him, it's just that we don't access that mental/emotional state on a regular basis. Contact with material that describes the reframing and belief in the presuppositions described will often lead to "borrowing benefits" in the form of awareness of the Bune-state and unconscious access of it.

    Info-model: d00d, Bune is 1337 packetz 4 d haxxorz, yo! Instead of being crash-drives viral, it's hackz yr MCP viral.

    Interesting? Not so much. It's still congruent with other models, no "new" models need to be installed. In fact, if Occam's Razor is used fully the proper response is simply "thank you" and not even bothering further - it just works.

    But we all already knew that, didn't we? ;)

  4. I signed up to follow then had to drop $2000 on car repairs. They can't all be winners, right?

  5. Oh I read one of your Older blog posts about invoking Somalian Mages - Most ppl in somalia doesnt even own a pc, big cultural, financial, moral gap etc. finding mages in africa is like pulling theetha - difficult and most of the buggars are also darn arrogant - you would have better luck with a sangoma! wich is more a Zulu tradition of course. heh so Im basically telling you revise the intent - Africa is after all a big place...

  6. Actually, not to sound like an idiot but I added myself to your followers list a short time ago and yesterday, out of nowhere, I received a letter from the company I work for telling me I was getting a pay raise. It's small, but on my extremely limited income I refuse to look gift horses in the mouth.

    It's interesting. :-D

  7. Anthony, I'm totally praying for you.

    Watch out for rains of fish and frogs. ;)


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