Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What you should do about it...

Martialis asked what we should do about the Christian extremists like the ones praying death on Obama...

Magic. We should do magic.

Gaap to release the spirits they've bound to their missions, Michael to enlighten them with the true message of Christ and to defend their victims, Cassiel to bind the bastards, Sammael to strengthen the warriors on the front line and to bring swift and just victory, Raphael to heal and to confuse their minds, to disrupt their communication network, and to bring a permanent Merc. Retro effect into their lives so they're too busy trying to figure out why nothing works right to pray, Anael to keep their prayers from reaching fruition, Gabriel to enshroud them in harmless fantasies.

Conjure Purson to reveal any local hotspots of prayer warriors, conjure Paimon, Aimon, Oriens, and Egyn to confound their lives, call upon their daimons to drive them into the true presence of God where they will see their actions for what they really are.

Ideally you'll be healing them so they not only stop what they're doing, but begin to help instead. Ideally you'll be in a position to love them completely and take responsibility for aiding in their enlightenment.

But it's better to do something than nothing, so just do something.


  1. In times past I'd have argued with you on this. Nice list of spirits.

  2. Fr. R.O. are you aware of the fact that the email on your website is no longer working? I know this is out of context so you'll prolly delete it but I wanted to ask you a question so I found ur email but got it returned by the mailer daemon no less!

  3. Martialis, no I wasn't aware. I've tried to update it, but when I hit the link, it still tries to send it to my closed email account.

    I'm going to give the servers a chance to update, and then I'll escalate if it doesn't work.

    In the mean time, there's a link on that gets to me on the bottom, the copyright link thing.

  4. Oh ok thanks a bunch. Sorry again for commenting out of context. Btw, I noticed you didn't include Sachiel, perhaps he can provide patience and steadfastness?

  5. I suspect that there are an equal number of people praying in favor of Obama. I know that there was one group of witches who mentioned health care reform at one of their public rituals recently. Of course, I must admit that some of my magic is aimed at keeping NASA afloat...I might be a touch wyrd.

  6. I thik far too many people confuse their belief that a magician has more power individually than an individual non-magician with the total effect that is being produced. Even if it is true that an individual magician has the ability to make even 100 times as much of a change as an individual non-magician, THERE ARE HUNDREDS MORE OF THEM. It is the COMBINED effects that will give these people an advantage.

    And that is assuming that everyone of "us" is that much better than every individual one of "them, which I am NOT willing to concede

    Thanks for addressing this


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