Friday, January 15, 2010

The House Wasn't the Only Thing that Burned

I went through a bad time over the summer while I was unemployed. Shit rose to the surface, and needed to be burned away. It was a good thing to have happen, it's cleansed a lot of crap away. The house wasn't the only thing that burned.

It's all part of the Work, and I'm grateful. Nothing less than this would have changed my heart about things like taking care of what I spend so much money and time on. Family are a given, but I didn't appreciate the house and stuff in my life, not really.

There is a value to material posessions that brings security. It's not spiritual peace, and it's not of eternal value, but we're flesh as well as soul, this side of the grave. The body needs food, shelter and clothing. It feels better when it has it. A happy, healthy, secure Guf is every bit as important as a happy, healthy Ruach in tune with the Divine Source.

It's a tapestry of stories, this "catastrophic event" thing. It's a crystal with lots of facets, and each gives a different view of the interior of the crystal, a different perspective. With all the different views, you get a more-complete understanding. Not only that, each facet changes what you're looking at through the facets. Each facet is like a lens, changing how the experiences viewed through it appear, giving you a completely different depth of meaning that you could never have had without the lens.

Having good insurance helps a lot.


  1. In many ways a healthy, secure Guf is a requirement for a healthy, happy Ruach. At least while we are here, on this living plane, they are interdependent upon one another. That said, the Guf doesn't always work best with symbols-money is not the same thing as a secure roof over the head for the Guf. I'm just sorry that your cleansing fire was so literal and non-symbolic.

  2. I lost all material security (and my good health) during my Saturn return, and it sure taught me gratitude. The malefics rip a bit hole in whatever narcissism issues we have going on, and the benefit of this is enormous and often permanent. Of course, there's usually more of it for further experiences to refine.

  3. A far as I can remember, Crowley never directly asked for money when doing magickal workings. He would ask that his books sell well. There must have been occasions when he did ask for money directly. Unfortunatly I can't find any references as to how that worked out :( I wonder if he also had 'unexpected' results and felt to be cautious? It's always a difficult and the occult.

  4. It is time to start putting the pieces back together again Josh. 'Think' about them as you do it.

    Much love to you and yours


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