Wednesday, March 03, 2010

All Courses Canceled and (ugh) Refunded

Due to the really long time it's taking me to get my shit together, I've canceled and refunded all of the second round of courses I sold right after the fire. It was a really stupid idea to even try to run any courses during this time.

For those interested in the courses anyway, I'm working with Jason Miller to take over teaching the courses. His work and my own have a similar vibe, and he's got years of experience and wisdom on me. He's the only one I would trust to walk people through the Red Work series of courses as I originally envisioned it.

My apologies to all who signed up and were wondering for months WTF was going on.


  1. I hope things settle out for you well and I'm glad you're finding a replacement teacher. I've enjoyed reading and practicing what was taught and I've learned some valuable things. Hit me up on IM anytime.


  2. It it hard to have those news, but you're right, you have to settle down first and keep up with your family.
    In the case of the people who registered for the courses before the fire, what it will happen? I registered for Hermetic Merkavah.

  3. VL, I refunded all the Hermetic Merkavah courses, even those that were paid before the fire.

  4. Ok FR Rufus, again, It was hard to hear that the courses haven cancelled, but I have a question: I got the Angelic Grimoire, so, may I continue the work following the rites in the grimoire? it would be equivalent as if we had the course coached by you?

  5. It's a good solution - I was thinking about doing your course-s after / in addition to Jason's.

    Best wishes.

  6. VL,

    The grimoire provides you with all the necessary information to begin conjuring the Archangels of the Planetary Spheres. You can go through it on your own, as I did, and learn directly from the spirits themselves, or you can wait for Jason and I to hammer out some details.

  7. Best wishes, Rufus Opus. I definitely understand your need to make this decision, and I appreciate your teaching work in the previous course.

  8. I'm definitely disappointed, but I also understand that you gotta do what you gotta do. Sorting your shit out is easily the first priority.
    I'd also just like to extend my thanks for running through the first course, the Supernatural Assistant, at the very least. I'm still working with it so in truth I wasn't ready for the Hermetic Merkavah anyway. But you have my gratitude for that course alone. Thankyou.

    Good luck with everything, Fr. Rufus.

  9. Yeah, Ok; but you're going to keep blogging - right? I mean ya gotta keep blogging man cause I wanna know if anything else blows up:)

    Seriously Rufus, you still da mage. All the best.

    Frater EH'e...

  10. Fr. EHe,

    Thanks, much appreciated. I haven't thought about stopping the blog. I imagine I'll keep blogging as I get time and have something to blog about.

  11. You! Stop blogging? Don't make me laugh! I think a woodpecker could sooner stop searching for bugs in rotten trees.

    I'm reminded of a journalist friend (now deceased; God rest his decadent soul) who said, "I'll stop writing articles when they pry the keyboard from my cold stiff hands!"

    My sentiments exactly. I'll keep writing if the only medium left to me is charcoal on dead leaves.


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