Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arrr! Avast ye scurvy knaves, it do be time to address ye piracy yet again!

Jack wrote something about piracy that ought to get a bit of press. While I don't like piracy, I do happen to agree with his more salient practical points, and to borrow a bit of his wisdom, I'd like to make a public address to ye olde internet pirates:

Dear pirates: 

Please stop giving out what you have to everyone. The boys making these books need to buy food. So at least wait for a year. During that year, be sure just to give copies to your friends… Who should at least review the book, or bring attention to it somehow. 


The Authors

PS: The curse on ye uploaders of my stuff to ye torrents or other file sharing tech are still very much in effect. Though some think a death curse is warranted, I do not. I just curse you with suffering more than usual until you pull my work from the torrent and pay me $50 in restitution. 


  1. Not that I plan on illegally downloading your books, but I've always wondered, is the curse strictly on the initial uploaders of a torrent? Does the curse apply to people simply wanting to download the book, as the nature of the torrent protocol automatically makes them uploaders as well?

  2. So uh... even the Modern Goetic Grimoire's curse is still in effect!?

    Have mercy on me Mighty Rufus, I have uploaded not yee cursed pdf on any server! It's just lying lazily at home, in my hard-drive...

  3. You know, being highly tech savvy (in 1998), I am well aware of how teh intertubes work. Well, pretty much. But being a writer, I use language a bit .. loosely, and inaccurately. When I say "uploaded to a torrent" I don't mean "uploaded to a torrent," I mean "posted to a torrent and made available for file sharing with intent to distribute my copyrighted information to a vast millions of people without my permission."

    Clear? The curse itself is less specific, but it doesn't need to be any more specific than it is. As long as you're not pirating my book, and you DO know the difference, you're not cursed.

  4. Anonymous (nechashiel, is that you?) no worries, I am completely and totally merciful.

    The demons assigned to enforce the copyright... not so much.

  5. Actually, I've seen the Modern Goetic Grimorie posted for download. Thankfully, as I bought it legitimately, I have no worries about the Demons enforcing said curse. :-)

  6. Nope I'm not him, whoever that person is. And oooh kay, I'll be deleting the pdf :-s

  7. Hey, I got the MGG for free. I think it came from some guy named "R.O." ;-)
    (something about editing services, or sumpin' like that... )

  8. You earned it by putting up with my shit for years. :)


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