Friday, January 14, 2011

That Wrong Zodiac Meme Thing

Due to the instant popularity of things that have been around for years afforded by Facebook, the "Wrong Zodiac" meme is getting a lot of press. For those just hearing about it, it's not new. I read about it a couple of years ago, thought it was total bullshit, and promptly forgot about it. Then my spouse brought it up the other day, telling me on first exposure she knew it was horse shit because she wouldn't "really" be a Capricorn under the new model. We laughed because she's the quintessential Capricorn, and I moved along with my life.

Then Chris Warnock wrote this blog post about it, and then a student asked me about it, and damn if it isn't all over the place.

Read Chris Warnock's blog post and the web page he wrote to address this issue when it came to his attention a while ago. I'm in total agreement with his conclusions.


  1. Gotta love facebook.

    I saw people's panicked status messages all over.

  2. LMFAO!!! Wow seems like just yesterday when we first met and you cussed me out about this one.

    "I think adding a
    thirteenth sign to the zodiac reveals a depth of ignorance that makes the Marianas trench look like a scratch in my kids' sand box."


    "Blasphemy!!!" that was the first thing you every said to me! Ahh remember the good old days when we all used to fight nice.

    Its been four years and it appears that neither of us have changed our opinions much.

    Cheers Brother.

  3. Let's just wait til we 'discover' the 'planet' that 'really rules' Virgo!!! Hahahahaha! That's another one that cracks me up! What was the name of that 'new planet' that was found a few years ago? I think it was Sedna. I went to an astro class and some bright spark asked if this could be the 'true ruler' of Virgo. Boring debate ensued. It's actually funny, listening to idiots who think they're smart talk crap! 

  4. Joe, you're one of my favorite blasphemers, to this very day. :D

  5. I feel bad, so there's no new talisman for the "O"-named guy?

    *dumps plans for future talisman-making*

    I think the Scientific community is telling everybody that there's always an upgrade/update, every ten years and so. It fools people, we aren't evolving but progressing. And astrology isn't even a technology why put an update?


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