Friday, November 25, 2011

Microsoft Never Heard of Neuromancer?

Microsoft is looking for help developing applications for the home computer using the Kinect. They have the hardware interface designed, but one article I read that I can't find now suggested that they needed help coming up with ways to use the Kinect as a human machine interface. So they're offering start ups support if they're going to be developing new ways to use the Kinect in the PC environment.

I would just like to say... Neuromancer much? Build the fucking deck! And a wet jack. We're already living in the dystopian corporate culture Gibson so bleakly predicted in Neuromancer, we might as well get the fucking tech that goes with it.


  1. Hells yeah. It's time; why am I still computing with my fingers, like a caveman?

  2. I think be satisfied with a Neuromancer-style "brazen head" terminal. I don't think I'd like the heirs of either Bill Gates or Steve Jobs interfacing their firmware with my wetware (for slightly different reasons).

  3. No matter how old I get, I don't think the phrase "interfacing their firmware with my wetware" will ever cease to put a smile on my dirty-minded face.


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