Friday, November 04, 2011

Aliens, Ancient Astronauts, and Astral Entities

The other day on Augoeides, Scott postulated that aliens abductions are visits to the Astral Realm. I think he's right, of course. I've written about the Occult Ties to Ancient Astronauts before. For a long time, that was the most popular post I'd written.

But the subject fascinates me, the ties between extraterrestrial intelligence and human beings. Especially magicians.

Venusians? Yeah, I talk to them. I call them the Tharshisim, the angelic choir of Venus, and I work with them under the auspices of Anael, the Intelligence of the Planet.

Extraterrestrial beings from Sirius? Agrippa says:
Under the greater Dog-star, they made the image of an Hound and a little Virgin; it bestoweth honor and good will, and the favor of men, and Aerial spirits, and giveth power to pacifie and reconcile Kings, Princes, and other men: Under the lesser Dog-star they made the image of a Cock, or of three little maides; it conferreth the favor of the gods, of spirits, and men; it giveth power against Witchcrafts, and preserveth health
Magicians work with "aliens" all the fucking time. Aerial spirits indeed. This isn't new stuff, this alien interface. I don't have the knowledge or experience to do a full-on mapping out of all the alien lore to traditional occult sources, but it's there for those who have the time and interest. A friend of mine is planning a book about this kind of thing, and he's much more aware of the alien conspiracy theories than I am. I'm looking forward to his writings as soon as he starts producing them.

I'm not saying the spirits we work with are "really" aliens as we understand aliens today. I just think the spirit realm manifests in peple's lives, and they frame it using the symbols that work. One node on The Current might be Alien Conspiracy Theories and Newage Channeled Wisdom. Hell, Tesla got a lot of insight from aliens.

Astral magic is tricky, and it's easy to run down crazy wild rabbit trails acting on the instructions of the Cosmic Stupids you can (and do) run into in that realm. Alien conspiracies and channeled writings from various star groups are likewise tricky to wade through, you never know which housewife from rural Florida is just making shit up to make a buck and which one is actually receiving blue prints for hyperspace technology and antigravity drives.

But regardless, I think we traditional occultists can learn a thing or two from the Alien Abduction crowd. They're going up and interacting with entities and getting the shit scared out of them. We go up there and get all this spiritually useful information. But we don't ask about technology much, we tend to think these entities are trapped in the angel-demon categories and expectations of the Renaissance. In fact, they have access to all kinds of clean energy solutions and sweet ride technology.

If I had a better set of technological symbols to work with, I'd take a look at it further myself, but I don't. I don't know electronics well enough to give them the symbolism they need to work with. Dee received the Enochian materials the way he did because he had a penchant for cryptology, and it's a system that works well for the cryptographic minded among us today. Likewise, folks with training in modern technology should be able to receive systems from the spirits that integrate more than the rudimentary electronics I've got working for me in The Box.

And when you start looking deeper into the spheres, and get into the Eighth Sphere, you see things that aren't really very easy to put into words, but would make a lot more sense to your average alien conspiracy theorist than your average traditional occultist. It would totally confirm their worst suspicions, I'm sure, but only because they don't have the framework of neoplatonism to put it into perspective.


  1. You know, the first time i asked myself this question is when i was researching Marija Oršić (Marie Orsich) an powerful Croatian medium who worked for German secret society Thule. It is said that they initially contacted old Norse gods like Odin and Thor whom they discovered were in fact aliens from Aldebaran in Taurus constellation. Later they gave Nazi's UFO technology, from which they created Haunebu. Author Vladimir Terziski ties German secret societies like Templehoff, Thule, Vril, Black Sun. It is said all German technological advances were given to them by these race of extraterrestrial teachers. Mind blowing stuff really.

  2. DMT fits into this somewhere. Sounds a lot my crazy psychedelic trips to hyperspace.

    One thing I took out of it was that these "alien beings" were trying to teach me things beyond my symbol sets and vocabulary that made sense to a degree at the time and none later.

    Just a thought.

  3. The interesting thing is that this connection has been seen both ways. Spiritual protection methods has become known among a few abductees as one of the only methods that is even vaguely effective at stopping it, there are experiments at telepathic contact with aliens that basically amounts to a poor mans scrying, there are tons of speculation among researchers in the field as to the possible connection with historical figures, etc. So it very much does appear to be two fields coming at the same phenomena through somewhat different directions.

  4. Worst fears: yes and no, I believe.

    Confirmation bias combined with synchromysticism tends to result in wacky-ass theories about how all things are connected based on our good friend Unverified Personal Gnosis when confronted with The Uncanny (as the big box that UFOS/ETs, Angels, cryptids, and faeries can all fit into). Applying a symbolic pattern over the top of The Uncanny simply reframes the experience rather than revealing any meaning in it. Standing without the neo-platonic frame might actually be better, as it allows for other possibilities than a belief that X is Y.

    That isn't to say that there's no value to acting as if and using a spirit model as a working theory. It's when the U in UFO stops meaning "unidentified" that it becomes paranoia (of that Oath of the Abyss flavor of paranoia).

    And that's why I consider that Ancient Aliens show to be some of the most brilliantly subtle satire on TV these days...

  5. Nice post RO; the only thing I can say is this:

    I love skeptical people...they're the best field to experiment on, and the best part of it, is when their skepticism falls down admitting what they have experienced afterwards.


  6. I wonder what fields of expertise other than technology such aliens or "aliens" might be willing and able to expatiate upon to one knowledgeable in such a field?

    Linguistics? History? Philosophy? Pure mathematics? Astronomy? The "maybes" which one could list here might go on and on.

    Cordially --- Tesla (not The Tesla)

  7. I'd have to agree with your presentation here. In my opinion, one of the functions of an occultist in society is to take that which is occult and make it... not. In other words, to take an abstract thought, construct it into a concrete thought, and bring it into the world.

    Is it any wonder that some of the most creative and brilliant minds throughout history were also avid occultists?

    I enjoyed your ideas on methods of how some can achieve this level of creativity.

  8. Favorite. Meme. Ever.

    Ben Rowe's Enochian Temples takes this premise into the most wonderful sort of bizarre. Worth a read.

  9. Yeah, I read through all of Ben Rowe's stuff at the same time I was exploring for the first time in 1998. I can't remember anything specific from it now consciously, but I'm sure it's been a heavy influence on my practice.


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