Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NYNY: Some Enchanted Evening

I'm behind schedule on the New Year, New You Experiment.

The RO household is packed with four birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve between November 21 and January 25. It's the busiest two months of my year, and it physically, mentally, and especially financially kicks my ass every year.

This year has been as busy and tiring and costly as ever, but I've made it through son's birthday, Thanksgiving, daughter's birthday, Christmas, New Year's, and now my spouse's birthday. Only one daughter's birthday left to go, and that's already planned and paid for, and I don't have to do nothin' else to support that.


So, as the bandwidth becomes available, I'm allocating it to my other projects. I'm still in the Clean Up phase in some things, specifically the courses. I've got client work backed up that I have to catch up on too. I did a lot of course writing over the Christmas vacation, and one of my students helped with editing support (thanks Alex!), but I keep thinking "there's still a lot left to do before I'm ready to start focusing on the actual radical transformation through magic."

And that's my biggest hurdle. There's always something else to do before I can get started on something else.

So I'm changing the scope of the project. My new goals for this Experiment are:
  • Old Business - Finish it.
  • New Business - Start it.
With that in mind, here's my planned Enchanted Evening:

On a Mercury Day, in a Mercury Hour (tonight around 7:30), perform the Mercury Gate rite with the following statement of intent:

Raphael, Tiriel, Taphthartharath, thou spirits of Mercury ever flowing, encapsulators of Idea into Form, aid me in the accomplishment of the tasks at hand. Empower me, inspire me, bring me the eloquence to express clearly the Mysteries I have seen. Aid me in the completion of the Red Work series of Courses, and the completion of all outstanding Old Business. Let it flow cohesively into being from the Mind of God through me into the finished work projected into the minds of those called to receive the Hermetic revelations I've been granted. Let the right word be ever present, let no writer's block stand in my way. Grant the peace of mind that comes from all things being in their place accomplishing their function, that I may focus clearly on the tasks at hand. Bring the Old Business to conclusion quickly, completely, and to the satisfaction of all who read it.

Or something like that. Definitely along those lines. I'm not going to focus on New Business until the end of the Old Business is in sight. I keep finding more and more Old Business that I never finished, and that's got to end. If this doesn't do it, I may have to resort to Saturnine and Martial forces to get the work done.

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