Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Traffic Source: Piracy!

So, checking some blog stats, I found the number one search term that brings visitors to my site is this:

restitution ro rufus opus "restitution for piracy"


Ok, you piratin' bitches, hope you landed here this time, so I can set you straight:


There is no curse on anyone anywhere on the planet as a result of pirating my work, in any way, shape or form. You're forgiven.* I lifted the curse a year or more ago after adjusting my business perspective on the whole piracy thing. I still disapprove, but it generates buzz about my work, and that leads to more sales, so, whatever.

Point is, there is no curse on you if you pirated my stuff, ok? If your life sucks, it's not because you pirated my work, specifically, it's just because life sucks. So use that shit you pirated to make it a better place. 

* You want to pay for your crimes? Send me an email and I'll send you a $50 invoice to absolve your conscience. Money's not required to lift the curse, but I love money, and if it makes you feel better to send me some, by all means, do so! And I'll even send you an official "No worries!" email absolving you of any subsequent pangs of guilt.


  1. Frater RO, please explain me something.
    Where it says a $50 invoice you really mean a $500 (or a $5000)invoice for absolving their conscience, no ?
    Otherwise I will have to lower my rates.

  2. lol, nah, I want to keep it within the realm of possibility. I had a couple people pay me over the years, even after I told them I'd lifted the curse.

    I love the superego.

  3. Or, for only $4.99 monthly recurring charge, you could keep the curse at bay?

    Love your POV.



  4. I didn't pirate your work tonight, but I did use it. I did the Gate of Jupiter rite for the third time — once last week in the evening, once very briefly this morning without drink or tobacco (I had a meeting and wasn't sure I'd make it home), and then once when I got home on time — full-on version with Holst playing from an iPod in a glass (much better sound than purpose-built speakers!) and all.

    I must say, I was impressed. Normally, I don't see anything or feel anything. Something was there, though. Gracious, polite, dignified... purple. Wow. I got a lot of energy downloaded, and immediately got very clear ideas of where it could be used best. It feels so strange even to be typing this. Huh.

    The importance of generosity comes back again and again. I buy people coffee in the morning, or leave a larger than expected tip in a restaurant... not long ago I left a talisman of Greater Fortune specifically for the waitress because I had to leave less than I wanted to (it pays to carry artist's trading cards and pens with you!). I have cash in my pockets these days, too, and had a check arrive that I'd given up on ever getting.

    Most of all, though, it feels good. There's a mastery that comes from all of this that I really like. Thanks for creating the rite, even if it's just a modernization of something else; and thanks, as well, for helping me re-attune with the Christian language that I thought I'd given up on, too.


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