Sunday, July 22, 2012

Same as the old boss

RO here, knowing that many in his audience won't recognize the title, and still having faith in humanity.

Bleak dark days, it's terrible, the financial time of plenty is over, and it's gonna be hard, harder than it was, woe woe woe...

All true.

Nevertheless, life was never easy. In the last 10-15 years, we had a boom time, and things aren't going to be that easy after the great recession, which ain't over, and we're slipping back into.

But I worked my ass off through the boom time and came out making less than my bills anyway. I had to shake my money maker to break even. I may have squandered away opportunities I missed at the time, in honest ignorance, missed the boat, missed the fad.

But so the fuck what? 

The same principles that made money in rich times make money in poor times. Apply what you've learned in the spiritual worlds to your physical life, and make some bank, if that's what you need.

Money isn't shit to the magician. That ain't why we're here. Focus on the End Goal, and you'll find money is just ... I mean, it's as common as dirt. You want money, you work for it. There are patterns that work, A+B=C and shit. Jason's just written a Sorcerer's guide to money, Financial Sorcery. I haven't had friggin' time to read it (because I decided to spend 18 lame-ass months making money to launch my international occult rock star career), but if it's anything like Strategic Sorcery, or his Financial Magic talks I've seen at Crucible, dude, you can't lose. He lays shit out practically, focused on the things that work, and he names names to call on for help.

Money's easy. Especially for magicians.

It's time that's the motherfucker. 


  1. or as I like to say, you can never find the time, you have to make the time.

  2. Great post! This holds to my personal theory that NO true magicians are broke. With all the tech that we know, and all the forces we work with and the entities that we can contact, there's just no excuse for it other than pure laziness IMO. I think this is especially true when one has been practicing for a few years...

    I can certainly understand going through a dry period, because we've all had them. The current economic environment definitely plays a large role. But ultimately WE control our lives, our circumstances don't. That's what magick is all about; it's largely the manipulation of fortune, both good and bad.

    I also haven't had the time to fully read Jason's "Financial Sorcery" yet (my copy is less than 3' away from me as I type this), but from what I've read so far it's definitely on my "short list" of books to finish reading.


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