Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jason just had an awesome idea...

Wow, Jason just had an awesome idea on FB. Someone asked how to get a fast $400, and Jason's suggestion was to offer to tutor four people in something they know well for $100 each.

Not bad. Friggin' brilliant, even. Check your skills and talents, determine what they're worth to someone looking for a specialist in what you're really good at, and sell it! Awesome!

I'm going to do it, and if you choose to, please feel free to advertise what you want to sell in the comments here along with some contact info for anyone interested in your services.

I would like to make a fast $1,200.

So, for $300, I'm offering to do one complete manifestation rite for any one thing you desire, for the first four people who can pass and agree to the guidelines:

  1. If, after hearing your request, I think you are an idiot, we will be done and I will go on to the next one.
  2. If your desire is reasonable, you agree that we will do a divination on the outcome of any magic performed on your behalf.
  3. If, after divination, it looks like you won't get what you want, we pick something else that you actually can have, or figure out what we can do to get you to a point where you can have what you wanted.
  4. You agree to take advantage of the material opportunities to manifest your desires when they arise.

If you are interested, and you have $300, please send me an email with the subject: Jason's Brilliant Idea.

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  1. It's not exactly a hot-shot course on how to turn your life around, but here's one of my recent forays: a poster explaining the sixteen signs of Geomancy based on the visual image associated with each of the dot patterns and the related symbol.

    It's my first magic-related piece of art available for sale.


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