Thursday, November 14, 2013

ROpocalypse Now!

Yesterday was the first episode of my ROpocalypse broadcast, tentatively called ROpocalypse Now!* First broadcast covers initial aims and goals, and stuff. I'm using Google Hangouts live broadcast, and will be letting people know in the future ahead of time when they will be going on. For the first one, I wanted to be able to record it and delete it if it sucked without too many people seeing it. This was take two, and I decided it's good enough, and not to worry too much about being perfect. This is just the start. I'll be smoothing out some of the rough edges as we go along.

This got posted to my Facebook Page yesterday afternoon. Please sign up there for early announcements, special offers, and so forth. It will make things easier for us all.

* Title subject to change if it gets too annoying, I'm already getting tired of typing it.

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