Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Venus Talisman for Prosperity

A pic of the 1st Pentacle of Venus I found on
the Internet. Wow. So power. Much Venus.
I like to make people happy. It's a True Will thing with me. Part of the whole "I made the Stone, so now imma heal the World" schtick.

As you know, I focus on Jupiter talismans a whole lot when it comes to wealth magic. It's part of the whole King and Kingdom thing, Jupiter is a major source of all things beneficial to humans in the flesh, including health, wealth, and peace.

But Jupiter talismans don't help everyone. There are various hypotheses about why a Jupiter talisman may bring wealth to one person, and a house flood to someone else. These range from afflicted Jupiter in the natal chart, which is something I only barely understand, to people having father-figure issues or deeply ingrained fear of capricious vindictive rapacious sky daddies with loaded lightning bolts and a penchant for really good bourbons.

Fortunately for folks with Jupiter issues, we know that magicians can work with different types of forces to get similar results. On the Kircher Tree of Life, the sphere of Venus lies below the Sphere of Jupiter, indicating the harmonic resonance of the two spheres. In my own work with Venus, I saw she expressed a similar kind of grace that also resulted in the good favor and blessinggs that come from the Jupiter force integration, and also the wealth that comes from being well liked by people in power. Also, she's freakin' Venus... womb of all that is pleasurable and luxurious, neh?

So I started poking around, and figured I'd start with the Pentacles of Venus from The Key of Solomon. I made my first prototype, a copper disk with the 1st Pentacle engraved on one side, and the 2nd engraved on the other. According to the manual, the first pentacle grants you the authority to control the spirits of Venus depicted on the other talismans, and the second is "proper for obtaining grace and honor, and for all things which belong unto Venus, and for accomplishing all thy desires herein."

Original Prototype on
Hand-made Copper Disk
In the consecration of this talisman, I got to meet the four spirits of the First Pentacle, Nogahiel, Acheliah, Socodiah and Nangariel. They are a rather dark lot, considering the things they represent. I blessed* the talisman itself so that the entities would work towards noble ends in the lives of those who use the talisman. It made a very noticeable difference right away in the quality of spiritual harmonics in the temple space.

I believe the four spirits of the 1st Pentacle of Venus are the ones who do all the works described in the other pentacles of the Venus. The system seems to be like a physical conjuration and statement of intent all at once. The 1st Pentacle is the conjuration of the spirits, and the rest of the pentacles of Venus are the statements of intent.

The process:

I made my copper disk in the hour of Venus on a Friday (to the annoyance of my neighbors, who don't seem to appreciate metallurgy on the porch of the condo when their soaps are on or something... sorry neighbor!). The talisman itself is roughly oval shaped, an inch and a half tall by an inch and three-quarters wide. It's slightly bowl-shaped, with Pentacle 1 on the convex side, and Pentacle 2 on the concave side. I did the engravings in the hour of Venus as well, if I remember right. I should really write this stuff down. I used my dremel tool with tungsten bits. The copper is harder to engrave than the silver, and much harder than the tin. Getting the technique down for the amount of pressure to use is an interesting experience.

Opposite Side of Prototype
The Second Pentagram includes a versicle in Latin around the outer edge of the pentacle. For the 4th Pentacles of Jupiter, I've been putting that on the back to avoid what happened with this Venus talisman: I ran out of room around the edge. Sigh.

I did what they did with the Magic Circle in the Lemegeton's Goetia, continued the versicle in a spiral moving inward. Then I engraved the circle and pentagram and seals within the room that was left, and really, I wish I'd made a larger disk so I could avoid this issue. A 2" by 2" disk would probably have solved the problem.

As it is, I managed to get the symbols into the seal, and it looks ... well, it looks okay, but it's not a piece of art. Fortunately, ugly talismans work. The power comes from the spirits and the symbols, not the aesthetics, thank god.

Mmmm, and speaking of which... I must say, I love this talisman's power. It is warm and inviting, it is gentle and potent. I can feel it moving through my sphere, making the Venus-related forces I've already worked with and integrated into my sphere tingly and warm, responding in awesome harmonies. I'm looking forward to playing with this one for a while.

If you're interested in making one of your own, the seals can be found at this link, and I recommend conjuring the spirits using a system like the one I describe in the Modern Angelic and Modern Goetic Grimoires during the consecration. If you're making it with paper, I'd use a really dark green ink for everything but the versicle, which should be in red.

Now More Beautiful
If you're interested in purchasing a Venus talisman, I've set up a link on my Talismans page. Also, in addition to the wealth and prosperity aspects, it's a super potent Venus talisman that, well, you know... It makes for the really good sexzor manifestations, and teh lurves! Everyone wants teh lurves!

These are now in production with much nicer copper disks from the Key of Solomon Pentacles page:


Or free if you do it yourself.

Just pointing that out for folks who get their undies in a bunch at the idea that I'm charging for this stuff. I charge for my time, experience, and occult skills, but only after telling folks how to do it themselves, for free.

* Jason told me things would be different when I worked with angels and demons after receiving ordination, and he was totally right. Things are different for priests than they are for other people. I'm liking this "Direct the Light of God as you see fit" thing a lot.


  1. This is an old post. If your still around , send me a message. Dadbell72@gmail.com. Thanks.

  2. This is an old post. If your still around , send me a message. Dadbell72@gmail.com. Thanks.


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