Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peace of mind... -ish

Ahhh, the kids are back home in Baltimore, I've found a bit of mental peace after a few hectic months, and I'm finally settling into my life here at HFRO HQ-Midwest.

MPLS Sculpture Garden
Donnie Darko Nightmare Fodder
Minneapolis is treating us well, and we're finally settling into new jobs, new home, and new routines. My kids visited me for four weeks, and I must say, wow. Just wow. People with kids have it harder than people without. I had forgotten, somehow. Like I put it out of my mind or something, how very, very hard it is to parent and provide and nurture and entertain all the freaking time without losing your cool and being a douche.

But we survived, intact, and we got a third cat out of the deal. Boots rocks. Huge shout out to Neska and Craig for all their help with the cat situation.

Objects Without Scale are Larger than They  Appear
Hopefully this will be one of the vanishing few posts that are all about obscure RO-personal life things, as I am free now to turn my full attention back to the Work at Hand. This weekend I'll be speaking at MNCON, an OTO-only event at Leaping Laughter Lodge. The audience is about maxed out, but if you are interested in a special presentation on wealth magic by yours truly, AND you're a dues current card carrying member of the OTO, AND you're close to Minneapolis, MN, sign up and we'll try to squeeze you in somewhere. Harper's providing the champagne, and several other things, I'm bringing ice and snacks, and teaching on Jupiter and Bune, Head in the Heavens, Feet in the Hells style Wealth Magics for one and all...

If you're dues current.

*Sigh.* To be honest, I didn't realize it was like that when I signed on to speak. I thought it was open to the public. But the audience is going to be pretty rarified in some circles, so I am totally not complaining.

I'm working on a new manifestation of my Projection Phase, which you'll be seeing more of over the coming weeks. I've still got lots in the head that I'm digitizing and prototyping in preparation for what comes next, after the Big Green Event that Nephilim is rolling out shortly. It's going to be life changing, on a global scale.

For those who can fucking take the goddamned heat.

Anyway, much love motherfuckers.

I'm not dead yet.

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