Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Dukes are Back in Town

While preparing for MNCON*,  a friend and root worker contacted me for some help with her love life. She was having trouble getting the attention of a gent she had her eye on, and couldn't quite make him budge the way she meant him to. She was going to make a spirit pot to Saleos, and she showed me the pots she was using, that she got from Amazon. They were beautiful, perfect for making spirit pots. They were just the right size to put some dirt, herbs and spices, and an engraved seal, and they were ornate enough to appeal to the spirits without being all obviously a magical implement. I loved them at first sight.

Since I was preparing a presentation on making money working with Jupiter and with Bune, I decided to take advantage of the situation. She wanted to make the pot, and have me do the conjure part because that's not her forte. While that was a good idea, I thought I had a better one. So I was like, "Sure, and I'll do you one better, I'll order a few of those pots, make your Saleos pot, conjure him, and I'll set you up to work with him on your problem and other future events. Then I'll make a bunch more Bune pots to show people at MNCON, and to sell on the web!"

I put word to deed, and set about ordering the spirit pots. I also went down to Magus books here in Minneapolis (it's in an area known as Dinkytown; you can't make this poop up), and picked up every single herb ruled by Venus listed in Agrippa. They have an awesome selection of herbs and spices, and several different kinds of kratom for sale. They even had a brick of labdinum just sitting there for me. It's amazing. I got to meet the original owner of the store, and the current owner at MNCON. They were super cool folks, and I plan on doing a lot more socializing and business with them as time goes by.

When the spirit pots arrived, Harper** fell in love with them, and we agreed she should totally make one for herself. She went through the Lemegeton's Goetia and picked a Duke, since Saleos was also a Duke, and Bune was a Duke, and we had just bought all the herbs we needed to make spirit pots for Dukes. One of the herbs that ended up in the spirit pots was actually grown by Harper, for reasons.

The Friday before MNCON, in a Venus hour, Harper and I were making our apologies to our house guests and hitting the garage where the dremel is set up to engrave the copper disks with the appropriate seals to put in our spirit pots. I engraved the Saleos and Bune seals, she engraved the one she wanted, and we were all set. I put some potting soil in the bottom of the spirit pots, to serve as a way to ground and manifest the forces of the spirits we put in the pots, and then added the Venereal herbs: violet, vervain, labdinum, thyme, valerian root, and maidenhair. We didn't have time to consecrate them before the presentation, so I just took the bags of herbs and the finished spirit pot to MNCON to show how to put the stuff together, and I talked through the conjuration of the spirit that went with it.

Anyway, yesterday I conjured up Saleos at lunch time and got him working for my friend's issue. I conjured Saleos back in the day when I was working on my Modern Goetic Grimoire, and when I called him by name and seal, he was pop! right fucking there. It had been a while since I conjured spirits from the Lemegeton, and man, I had forgotten how tasty and juicy and yummy they are to work with. He was present in a heartbeat, and happy and warm and invigorating. I got down to business, consecrated the pot, explained the immediate need and set her up to work with him for clients in the future, and he was all over that. He'd been cooping her out while she researched his seal for a couple weeks, and was digging the energy. Within an hour the guy was asking her out for a weekend of debauchery after ignoring her for two months, apologizing for being distant, and she's telling me all of what's going down as it happens on Facebook, and I'm cracking up.

Later that night, Harper and I conjured up the Duke for her pot, and that was also amazing, and tasty. And now we're working on the Bune pots. Bwahahahaha!

Have I mentioned I love doing magic lately? And man, in terms of instant return on investment, nothing is better than the Lemegeton spirits for that magical crack jones we get. They are awesome.

Table of Practice for Scale
(Table of Practice not Included)
And so it is, ladies and gents, that I am back in the demon magic business. I totally cheated a little yesterday and offered Bune a candle and some whiskey for his help finishing the writing of an essay that will be included in Aaron Letich's upcoming anthology on offerings and spirits. He rocks! And I'm going to be keeping one of the pots for myself, for a while.

But that leaves two, two beautiful consecrated Bune Spirit Pots available for purchase. I'll be selling them for $275 each. They aren't cheap, but I made a lot more money in the time I was working with my spirit pot than that, for sure.

You'll get the pot, the seal, and a copy of the Modern Goetic Grimoire, which includes all the blog posts I ever wrote about Bune and the Spirit Pot.

A Nicer Pic
I'm not taking orders for additional pots right now, because I don't know when I'll have time to make them. Maybe in a month, maybe not, but I'm done selling things I haven't made yet. That always turns out badly in the end.

If you're interested, please email me at salesatrufusopusdotcom.

It's the only way to get them.

But if you've paid attention, all the instruction you need is here in this post to make your own for the cost of expenses, so I don't want to hear any bitching about cost anywhere on the interwebs. Cause I'm working with demons again, motherfuckers.

The Dukes are back in town.

* MNCON, if I didn't mention it, was fucking awesome. You should totally join the OTO and get dues current just for the wine and cheese we had at this thing. So worth it. Scott Stenwick spoke on Enochian, there was a chaos magic couple who did a presentation on sigils using herbs they'd gathered that morning from their forest home. Brother Magog taught on the I Ching, and Sabazius and his lovely wife answered a ton of questions on the Gnostic Mass. Ixel taught us Ebony Anpu's Tesseract Rite, the primary ritual from Hawk and Jackal, from her notes and correspondence with Ebony before he died. Really, amazing things went down.

**Dr. Harper Feist, my partner, seer, priestess, herder of Cats, and all around lovely, lovely woman.

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