Monday, October 13, 2014

Ghosts in the Machines

Come One, come ALL, step right up! Shake off those eternal doldrums of perfect non-being. It's been way too long! Manifest "Now!"

Take advantage of one of our most popular destinations, and visit the roaring Earth! Blissfully incarnate and experience the most exquisite aspects of being! 

Not only do you get sadness and joy, you also get angst, suffering, and orgasm*! Experience the unique grating inevitabilty of discomfort and duress, interspersed with indeterminate moments of absolute bliss that can only be experienced on Earth!

The infinitely unlikely, highly advanced Manifestation Enhancement and Tactical Symbiotic biotechnic interfaces has taken over four billion years to create, and it continues to be enhanced with every generation. While some defects have been statistically noted in the process, all aspects of divinity have unanimously expressed nothing but gratitude for their experiences in even the least efficient interface available to consciousness.

The current version comes with a standard set of senses, each delivering a million variated combinations of experiences across the chemical and physical spectrum of possible states. Smells and colors, tastes and sounds await you! 

The environment itself is custom-designed to be a wonder of experiences available in Normal mode, but wait until you unlock the Intermediate and Advanced perception levels! Multiple in-experience chemical prizes are readily available in natural and synthetic forms, allowing you to temporarily experience the advanced settings. Also available are the the longer-term spiritual approaches to similar states of mind.

In the current era, we an even offer a path that incorporates both the spiritual and chemical methods of altered awareness that have become popular among a certain genre of incarnationists.

Take advantage now, and you can participate in:
  • The Obamic Golden Age
  • Legalization of Marijuana
  • The Plague and Zombie Apocalypse
  • 13th Century Illuminated Islamic Revival (encore performance, hurry before the last Mujahideen is born!)
  • Magic, Miracles, and Mayhem
  • The ever-popular Hidden Oligarchic Hegemony Society (all the Machiavellian intrigue you could ask for, in any role imaginable!)
  • Also ... pretty much any other human-era role imaginable continues to be available across every probability in the continuum**
Reap the rewards of Privilege, or suffer the injustices of inequality, as you see fit! Delight in family, loneliness, true love and heart break! Experience the luxuries of poverty, and the depravities of wealth! Do what thou Will! See the suffering and the joy in all things, and bring that experience back with You when you Return!

Come One!

Come ALL!***

* "Orgasm" feature is currently available in all incarnate genders
** As Originally Intended, see Terms and Conditions section 230542, subsection 93 93/93, Xallixti
*** There's literally nothing else to do!****
**** Forever!

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