Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Money Beg Options

So I'm going to put together a conference next year in June or July with a few of my friends (and an arch-enemy), here in Minneapolis, MN. We'll talk about Hermetic Miracles, the Goetic Revival, Esoteric archives and the lessons they teach, maybe some Greek Magical Papyri-derived rites, strategic applications of sorceric intents, and various conjuration techniques and experiences, and maybe even how much more awesome we are than McWiccans and online OTO CMs and stuff.

You know... the usual... Regardless, you know my friends are cool. It will rock.

But I need money to fly someone over from the UK, and someone and his wife from Florida, and someone from Jersey, and like, I don't know, deposits and shit. So about $5,000 would be awesome.

Getting that kind of money will be relatively easy using certain resources, but I need a good framework to wrap it around. Like kickstarter or indie gogo or ... Just having people send me money on FaceBook or some shit.

Anyway, any advice from anyone on putting together a low-maintenance, donation-based cash-condensation machine that just puts it all in a readily accessible account with not-too-many-fees?

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