Saturday, December 20, 2014

ROpocalypse Now! With Special Guest Craig VI Slee!


12:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM GMT see Craig VI Slee and Rufus Opus get schnockered and talk/discuss/and-sorta-not-really-argue about Heathenry, Goetia, Hermetics, and the manifestation of the story of our lives!

Craig is a silver-tongued bard from the old country, wandering around living the kind of life that Jake Stratton-Kent is tryingto make available to everyone. His wit, wisdom, and insight into the invisible realms is a thing mighty to behold.

We've each set aside a bottle of scotch for this, he's drinking Laphroaig, I'm sticking with the Macallan, but there will be drunken shenanigans and deep thoughts exchanged.

To get some idea of the kind of guy he is, check out his bio and previous posts to Cold-Albion. He's also curently a writer and creative content developer with Foolish People, one of the most interesting groups I've seen putting magical theory into practice in their lives this decade.

We're still working on determining the format. We'll be drinking live and recording it and publishing it later for anyone who doesn't see it. It will likel be on either Google or GotoMeeting. I'll post a link on my FB page when it's available!

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