Tuesday, December 02, 2014

ROpoclypse Now! With Special Guest Deborah Castellano!

I really wish the video had been saved, Deb was every bit as lovely as you'd expect a Glamour Artiste to be. I don't really understand why it didn't, but at least I managed to save the audio.

I had such a good time. This is basically a conversation between two friends who happen to be awesome magicians. Deb's ongoing success speaks louder than anything else ever could, and her practice and graceful approach to this thing we do have been an ongoing source of inspiration and motivation for me since I had the good fortune to meet her. 

You can watch the video here, and while it's playing go check out her store in another tab. Remember, all orders must be in by December 12 to receive them in time for Christmas! She's at:

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