Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the Appropriate Performance of the Seven Spheres in Seven Days

Wow, what a terrible idea a public "Seven Spheres in Seven Days" group turned out to be. There were people who wanted to do the rites in a week without ever having done them in the suggested order of the book. There were people confused about why we were ping-ponging around the spheres, and what the point was.

I suspect I must have misrepresented the process, the plan, or the effects. Or I misunderstood people.

There's a reason I tell people to take it easy, spread it out over five to seven weeks. The book is designed to introduce you to the powers of creation used by God to create and maintain all of existence. You go through the spheres, you get initiated, you integrate the forces, and you learn to implement them. When I say it's initiatory, I mean, the power gets pumped into your sphere, and you get tuned up in relation to that power. It cleanses you, shakes out the issues you have with that sphere manifesting in your life, cleans you up and prepares you to take on a little more power next time.

Over time, you learn to integrate the forces and expand your kingdom. You become a skilled manager of your life. You understand your intents, desires, and the consequences of your choices. You learn that you are a god, and you can direct the forces of creation, and harvest the results.

It behooves the practitioner to do this systematically, gently, and to integrate the forces a little at a time.

So why would someone do the Seven Spheres in Seven Days? What's the point of releasing all the powers of all the planets into your sphere all at once?

To me, that's like asking why you get drunk. You get drunk to get drunk. It's fun, you have a good time, you get experiences and stories to share with your friends, you hit that point where you get all honest and understand something about yourself that you'll probably forget in the morning, but so what? It's fun!

And then you clean up the mess you made.

Doing the Seven Spheres in Seven Days is like that. It's an ecstatic rite, or an ecstatic event. It creates the circumstances necessary to develop a gnostic experience of your personal deity-ness. You basically set the stage to see your entire life transform over the space of a month or so, in ways that will continue to unfold for years. You will see that you are indeed a God, and if you ever need a good reminder of what that means, you can do it again.

It's awesome!

And dangerous. Power flows like water. The reason conjuring the Intelligences and deities of the spheres creates change is because like water, it pools into the lowest places. If there are blockages, it builds up behind the blockages until it can wash them away. When the blockages finally go, it's like the breaking of the levies, there will be a flood for a while, and then the pure stream can flow through.

Going through the spheres at a reasonable pace, following the order I prescribe in the book is good for you. It's safer. It's more gentle. It's focused primarily on turning you into the king of your world. It places you on the throne and takes you through the steps necessary to learn how to rule, the forces at your disposal, and the things you need to fix to get what you want. If you even know what that is. The book recommends taking  an inventory of your life, and getting to know your strengths and weaknesses, and doing the magic as you go along and take stock of what's going on in your life. It's a process.

The private Seven Spheres in Seven Days group I put together for those who took the class with me was fine. They were ready for it. They had been immersed in my prattlings. I was able to program them from the get-go with the basic framework necessary to handle the ecstatic result.

The public group had people with no clue champing at the bit to jump in, regardless of whether they understood what was going on or not. It quickly became clear to me that I had created something terribly dangerous, something I wanted no part of whatsoever.

So I eliminated the public group. I'm still going through the Seven Spheres in Seven days with my class. They can handle it, and we're having fun.

If you're interested in the ecstatic experience, for god's sake (your sake), please don't just jump right into it. Here's what I suggest:

1) Read the Book. If you haven't yet, buy it here and then read through it, cover to cover.
2) Do the recommended exercises. I highly suggest taking the Course that comes with it. I'll be announcing that as available in a couple days, but even if you don't, definitely take stock of your Kingdom as you go. Know Thyself.
3) Do the Rites. Perform each rites over 5-6 weeks, from Jupiter to the Moon, and then figure out if you want to do Saturn.
4) Wait a couple weeks to let the forces percolate and integrate in your sphere.
5) See how things look.

At that point, you'll be able to decide if you should do the Seven Spheres in Seven Days. When I do them, it's a lot like Charlie Sheen finding a spare couple kilos of cocaine in his couch he'd TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT. I have a good time. I love magic. I love the transformation. I love the power. It's AWESOME.

But, but, but...

I've been doing this shit for years. I completed the Great Work. My shit's solid, yo. It was forged in the fires, and it's been made pure. I can handle it, I know what to expect, and I've learned how to deal with it. There were people in that group who I just couldn't even begin to imagine unleashing that stuff on themselves.

I couldn't be a part of it. It'd be like dousing kids in lighter fluid and then giving them those razor scooters that sparked.

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