Tuesday, March 10, 2015

To Those who Have Expressed Interest in Such Things

After COMPLETING all Seven Sphere courses, the students wanted to do a "Seven Spheres in Seven Days" thing. So we set it up and we're doing it March 16th. People not in the original course student group have expressed interest in this kind of thing too, and while I'd love to add you all to the group of people who went through the course, that's a problem.

First off, they paid money and went through a lot of drunken me explaining the mysteries of the spheres in ways that only a drunken magus can convey. They have become friends and understand each others' issues. They are basically a coven of awesome planetary magicians. And introducing people to that who weren't there isn't fair to them, and taints the work.

At the same time, going through Seven Spheres in Seven Days is AWESOME and it changes everything, and everyone should do it at least once in their lives.*

SO, you are cordially invited to participate in a Seven Spheres in Seven Days event, beginning March 19th. I'll still be in the previous Seven Spheres Course Members 7 days exercise, so what could possibly go wrong for me, eh?

Fuck it.

I'm setting up a FaceBook group:


I expect you to have bought one of my books, so there's no charge for this exercise. If you haven't, buy it here:

Seven Spheres Book Orders

* Note, this isn't "safe" and some people had terrible things happen to them immediately after, but then things got a lot better for most people still capable of posting to facebook. It's not like we ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND how magic works, ffs.

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