Thursday, May 21, 2015

Coming Soon...

I've got a few blog posts started that I can't publish yet, but I'm excited about what's coming and I don't feel like waiting. I'll be making full announcements soon, but here's the basics:


We're FINALLY going to be starting the LIVE Seven Spheres course and the Black Work courses. I wanted to start them this weekend, but I would have had to make the announcement last week to give everyone time to schedule things properly. This weekend I'll post the schedule for the live courses, and let everyone know what's going on.


I've been working with Pharos, a fellow Hermetic magician on the Key of Solomon talismans, and we've got a small inventory of Mercury and Venus talismans and talismanic artifacts that I can't wait to announce! These were made during the last really good Mercury and Venus elections for the next year or so, so they'll have the regular awesome juju of the Key Pentacles with the added juju of the astrological virtues of the electional times!

Special election versions of the Opener of the Ways, Miracle Maker, Key to the Universe, Come to Me, and Graceful Desires talismans are going to be available to a very few lucky folks soon. Pharos is also working on some innovative ways to wear these items inconspicuously that I'm excited about. We're also working on a set of Solar talismans to be announced.

Super cool stuff coming your way in the talisman department.


I'm working on my Modern Goetic Grimoire, turning it into a magnum opus of grimoire-based easy-to-use Goetia. It's going excruciatingly slowly, and I keep getting distracted by all the other cool stuff going on.

I'm also putting together a "Working with the Key of Solomon Pentacles" booklet that will go with the talismans, including ways to tap their power casually, as well as a formal conjuration expanded from the description on the talismans page.

On Tour:

I'm working on speaking engagements across the country. I'll be at SOMA's shindig in Austin, Texas, Omnimancer's Crucible in Jersey, and at Azul Nox in Pennsylvania, Seven Gates in Kentucky, and Sword and Serpent in Dayton. Dates are still to be announced on a lot of these things, but it sure looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully I can get Moloch to speak with me in Ohio. That would be awesome. I'm also putting together some events for Minneapolis, so local folks, stay tuned!


I've got another Whiskey Discussion in the works with Master Slee, and I'm going to try to get some Hawk and Jackal folks together to talk about some of the magic put together by Ebony Anpu back in the day.

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