Tuesday, June 18, 2019

when she shares

it's about gratitude, that they let you in, let you see the things that go on inside their heads.
the things we do with the parts between our thighs are awesome, for sure, but it's not that thing that makes it special.
it's the ... sharing.
the sharing of a life. the moment she lets you see what her heart feels. that tentative look that you can't even see, but you know is there, as she opens up a little more, nervously because of how it worked out before, and shows you her darkness, and her love for a second, and then hides it again because she's embarrassed, or ashamed to have feelings that she feels for real.
feels for real.

there isn't a lot that is more satisfying than being able to say "thank you, thank you for trusting me with this piece of you, for sharing that precious second of your internal life with me for a moment."

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